Vodafone unveils Solar Powered phone VF 247 in India

Few minutes back on breakingnewsonline.net i read the news that vodafone is launching solar powered phone in India keeping in view the rural sector where shortage of electricity and power cut is a normal activity. It is also reported that the phone is expected to hit Indian market in next month and will be available at the price of Rs.1500.

Phone will charge automatically charge as soon as it comes into contact with sunlight and it will also charge in room under normal daylight with special support of hardware & software.

Breakingnewsonline.net also mentioned that phone will have FM radio, color screen and a powerful torch.

The above phone will definitely helpful for many peoples and if it have facility to charge it through electricity also that double benefit for the users. The cost is also very nominal and environment friendly.

Commercialization of Education

In last 10 years the scenario of education in NCR has revolutionized and the new policy of government is making the foundation of another big round of changes and during this phase a large number of private players have created a big amount of wealth because as all the private players who are previously has some small institutes now a days have opened polytechnic, engineering and management institution and currently these players are in process of upgrading themselves to university level and some of them have already done it.

These private players created big wealth as the educational institutes get big concessions/grant/tax free benefits from government but does the private players passed on these subsidy/benefits/concession to common citizen and did not stored money in their own pockets by exploiting various loopholes in the system.

Now the government has introduced the foreign universities and in view of that private players are trying for foreign collaborations/tie-ups with various foreign universities but the question is are we creating a ill-trained army of professionals of various sectors means the students who will study in these institutes are international level professionals and not just a degree holder. It may seem that in near future degrees will be sold by private players by just completing the formalities and not by giving actual knowledge and education to our young generation.

How many peoples from poor family are able to get higher education from private institutions and how many number of poor family professional have been generated by these private players.


Laptop @ Rs.1500

Yesterday HRD Minister Mr. Kapil Sibal launched a $35 laptop means Rs.1500/- laptop designed by experts of IIT, Kanpur, Kharagpur, Madras and Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. Mr. Sibal also announced that at the current price point of $35, there would be 50% subsidy to educational institutions, which will effectively bring down the cost to only Rs750. Govt. is planning to give the above laptop under Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan which is covering crores of students. This laptop will be charged by an sleeker solar panel and Rs.1500 cost does not include solar panel cost. This laptop do not have a hard drive and support only video-web conferencing facility. It also have several latest features like multimedia content viewer (pdf, docx, ods, adp, xls, jpeg, gif,png, bmp, odt, zip, AVCHD, AVI, AC3), searchable Pdf reader, unzip for unzipping files, computing capabilities such as Open Office, SciLab for printing support, media player capable of playing streamed along with stored media files, USB port etc. Initially it will be manufactured in Taiwan and later on in India.

It seems that in coming years laptop will be sold on every street corner by street hawkers because it is available at very nominal price and every child will become a technocrat using this laptop.

This invention will bring a major change not only in technical market but in education sector and reduce the pollution because we are able to save thousand of trees and in turn our forests and animals leaving in these forests.


Is Delhi Ready for Games

Commonwealth games are near and the question which is striking everyone mind is that will Delhi host these games successfully or the government will release formal clarifications and complain about non co-operation by some government/private agencies/individuals and at last the citizens but that will malign only the image on Nation on international scenario.

The stadium are not ready, Games village readyness is much behind schedule till now and conditions of other infrastructure projects are fully known to everyone. The bridges, roads and pathways for pedestrian, cyclist are still under process and the rain in last weeks have totally proven the fictitious claim of government that DELHI IS READY and will successfully host the games. Water Logging, Traffic Jams are the main news headlines on every news channel. Removal of Debris is still not started from the various construction site because all projects are running behind the schedule.

Level of pollution are not going down, Yamuna is still not cleaned. Metro will be able to complete its target under strict quality checks or not?


Railway Mishap at West Bengal

Who is at fault for railway accident at West Bengal?

Are the figures mentioned for injured and dead are real.

What engineering equipments/method should be generated to avoid rail collision.

Did injured and dead gets due compensation announced or need to move from one table to another and pay bribes for getting compensation?

Bharat Bandh (All India Strike)

Yesterday All India strike (Bharat Bandh) called by some political parties in view of increased prices of petrol and diesel by government and rising inflation has created problem for many peoples. I am going to hospital at Delhi from Faridabad as my mother has been admitted for surgery but could not reach on time because of closed roads at Khanpur, Delhi and reached late and at that time i am thinking how many peoples like me are facing this situation also is the way has been given to ambulance, fire service vehicles etc.

Some major questions regarding strike are :-

1. What is outcome of Strike?

2. Did it bring down the inflation?

3. How much property damaged due to strike?

4. What amount of losses it have created for nation it terms of production, GDP etc.?

5. Will all the employees (private sector especially) who are hand to mouth will get salary for the day because they could not reach office due to strike?

6. What impact this strike has created in the mind of international community?


Monsoon at Faridabad

Yesterday City Faridabad seen the pre-monsoon shower and that little raining has created chaos at city, almost every major road of the city has faced big jam whether it is national highway, B.K chowk, Neelam Chowk or somewhere else. Even at some places the drainage water came out on the roads because of negligence by government department as cleaning of drainage has not been done by government department as their readyness before monsoon. Their is big jam at major crossing and central points

Now peoples of Faridabad must prepare themselves to save and fight with different types of infectious disease which spread during monsoon. Till now I have not seen any health & sanitation drive from government health department.

We all can expect that probably the yesterday shower has opened the eyes of city administration and might have started working working on their equipment and processes regarding maintenance of sewerage system in city.