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Bharat Bandh (All India Strike)

Yesterday All India strike (Bharat Bandh) called by some political parties in view of increased prices of petrol and diesel by government and rising inflation has created problem for many peoples. I am going to hospital at Delhi from Faridabad as my mother has been admitted for surgery but could not reach on time because of closed roads at Khanpur, Delhi and reached late and at that time i am thinking how many peoples like me are facing this situation also is the way has been given to ambulance, fire service vehicles etc.

Some major questions regarding strike are :-

1. What is outcome of Strike?

2. Did it bring down the inflation?

3. How much property damaged due to strike?

4. What amount of losses it have created for nation it terms of production, GDP etc.?

5. Will all the employees (private sector especially) who are hand to mouth will get salary for the day because they could not reach office due to strike?

6. What impact this strike has created in the mind of international community?


Since last few months we regularly listens about increasing inflation rate which is making a record by every passing day/week. Do you think that Commodity market (trading of commodities) is the main factor behind the rising prices. To control increasing inflation trading of some necessary commodities stopped and recently Government asked the steel companies to hold the prices, but how it will bring down the inflation rate. The steel prices will definately give benefit to Real Estate Sector but how it will help the regular life of a common person.