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Monsoon at Faridabad

Yesterday City Faridabad seen the pre-monsoon shower and that little raining has created chaos at city, almost every major road of the city has faced big jam whether it is national highway, B.K chowk, Neelam Chowk or somewhere else. Even at some places the drainage water came out on the roads because of negligence by government department as cleaning of drainage has not been done by government department as their readyness before monsoon. Their is big jam at major crossing and central points

Now peoples of Faridabad must prepare themselves to save and fight with different types of infectious disease which spread during monsoon. Till now I have not seen any health & sanitation drive from government health department.

We all can expect that probably the yesterday shower has opened the eyes of city administration and might have started working working on their equipment and processes regarding maintenance of sewerage system in city.