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Tech Mahindra, HDFC queue up to recruit Delhi University students- Hindustan Times

It proves that recession is over and market is picking up and surely the pink slip process is over. In this year budget I hope that government will continue stimulus package which helps the industry and corporate sector to continue and accelerate their growth.

The long waiting queue of fresher waiting for placement will definitely able to catch some opportunity in coming months.

Apple iPad

Apple's i-pad launched but when will it come to India and what are its dimensions, weight, I hope it will be another popular product which will increase profits of Apple. Also it seems that if it works successfully then the a revolution will happen in computers and peoples who moved from desktop to laptop will now move to i-Pad.

But as author mentioned it must have camera, flash, 3G support features with user replaceable batteries.



Salute to all Freedom Fighters and soldiers of our country.

Happy 61st Republic Day to all Indians.

On this 26th January 2010 our Republic Day we all Indians should once again remember our commitment to nation that we will work and move to make our nation best on the world map.

For it we will definitely remove corruption and fight against terrorism. We all will fight against bad politics of caste, religion, etc. We will give better education to our coming generation. We will change health scenario of the country and remove starvation and poverty. We will preserve our nature & environment while developing our technology and infrastructure.

On this Republic Day I request everybody to start an e-mail campaign against corruption highlighting refund of black money from foreign bank accounts. I will send a mail to my network members for it from my email id.


Mining in Aravali Hills

Today I read a news in Hindustan Times about Partial Mining Lease in Aravali Hills okayed by Haryana government in Faridabad and Palwal area. Lease will be given to Private players for a period of 7 to 10 years. and the same may be extended to Gurgaon including Mewat area after Supreme Court permission.

I just want to say when mining will start it will definitely affect our environment so did the government had made some provision/plan/guidelines to save environment or the exercise which will be carried out for calculating the impact on nature/environment and how the same will be cured. I think heavy environment taxes must be imposed so that environment tax money can be used for planting of trees, re-originating natural water resources, giving re-birth to wildlife etc.

Moreover as we all know that all the parties involved in mining for this area are powerful peoples (politicians/bureaucrats/corporate) and these all have the knowledge about means & ways for illegal mining, I mean…

China set to become world’s 2nd largest economy

As per the news on China set to become the world's 2nd largest economy surpassing Japan and followed by America. Really the Chinese Economy is really doing very well and it seems that in next few years it will be the biggest economy in the world as China is fully exploiting its large manpower resources and a leading nation for many sectors. China has come out of recession very soon by providing big stimulus package and its growth rate is wonderful as moreover than the expectations.

Being a Indian I hope that our economy will also accelerate and results are better than required and we should learn from our counterpart to lead the world.

44 institutions to lose deemed varsity status

It is a good move by Government in favor of quality education for Indians and will make a strong impact on commercialization of education. Every educational institute now a days is being handled by family persons instead of academicians and interest shown by capitalist in this filed during last decade has made situation worst. Educational School/Colleges/Institutes are a mode of tax free Income/Earning for those peoples and not for upliftment of society.

I think all these universities will make a association and file a case in court and they will also use their network against it and definitely most of them will get time to complete their deficiencies. Also most of them will not hesitate to use means of corruption. According to my view more than 50% of these 44 deemed universities will be able to keep themselves running.

Facebook and McAfee Join Hands to Offer Free Security Trial

The above move will increase users faith towards facebook and i am sure that many other social networking sites like twitter, orkut, dig, technorati, Myspace etc. will follow the move and provide their users with security measures in association with IT security firms like Nortron/Avast/Trend Micro/Panda etc.

And this move will definitely improve business and profits of IT Security Firms by reducing their marketing cost and increasing clientele base.

CJI's office comes under RTI ambit: Delhi HC: India News

I think it is a good verdict and definitely empower the common man but is it possible than the matter goes in apex court for further processing and chances of decision change? Even if it is not forwarded to Apex court how much enforcement of the same will take place is a question in itself because in our country their are so many rules and laws but enforcement takes place only when situation pass out of hands.

Lets wait and watch.

CJI's office comes under RTI ambit: Delhi HC: India News India > News > Consumer Electronics > Mobile Firefox for N900 Now Available

It is a very good news and sometime i think when everything is available on mobile now a days what will happen in coming centuries. May be after few centuries computer will disappear and everything will operate on your voice commands by equipments installed/fixed in and around your environment.Best of luck to Firefox. India > News > Consumer Electronics > Mobile Firefox for N900 Now Available