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Currently their are so many brands of Desktop / laptops are available in the market like Acer, Dell, IBM, Zenith, Sahara, HCL, HP, Compaq. The range starts from Rs.20000/- (Rs. Twenty thousand only) approximately and goes upto lacs depending upon the configuration, brand / after sales support. In general market generally people goes for assembled computer when they are under pressure to buy the computers but have less budget and in the reverse case the branded computers is offered.In corporate sector generally HP (Hewlett Packard) is known for giving good service and mostly institutions/companies who have a budget of middle size for IT opts for HP.In last few years sale of Desktop and Laptop have increased tremendously but can any one predict whether the sale of laptop / desktop computers will increase or decrease as the common man is under pressure due to recession/global financial crisis.

Gmail grows up with offline e-mail access | Webware - CNET

Industrial Situation

Now a days we knows that whole world is going through Global Financial Crisis and actual situation of industry according to my views is different than that. Let take an example of a factory owner who is manufacturing some finish product by use of raw material. In normal days (before financial meltdown) he used to purchase 100 kg of raw material which is sufficient for 2 months but now he is buying only 50 kg or less due to fear and the next person in line to whom he is selling finish product is also working in the same manner. The only fear is that whether they will be able to pay for the cost of material obtained as every transaction runs on credit basis. As banks have stopped giving payment on loose terms and conditions fear have increased.

60th Republic Day

Happy Republic Day to every Indian. I salute our National Tricolor flag "TIRANGA" and salute to martyrs and say East or West India is the Best. I proud to be an Indian.

Forest Land of Aravali

In last one week all the major newspapers have published about the decision of Hon'ble Court about demolishing of structures in Forest Area of Aravali In Faridabad, as everybody knows that it can lead to loss of thousand crores.I just want to say when peoples have bought plots from HUDA (HaryanaUrban Development Authorities) and taken flats in societies constructed by private builders who have taken permission from State Government. If Government have approved then government should pay for it . Common peoples should not suffer due to mistake of government.Now I think new land bank should be identified and plantation must be started on immediate basis over their. The cost of plantation may be recovered from government.

Barack Obama

Image via Wikipedia Barack Obama is the new President of United States of America. When he started his campaign the financial meltdown of American economy started which turned into a Global Financial Crisis. Now when he officially joined the Office of President of USA he and his team needs to work hard to bring the American economy out of crisis and the returns its the nation its prosperity.I hope he will be able to fight this menace and will bring lot of changes which will affect the whole world scenario. Send me your views.

Download Free books

Image via Wikipedia I am interested to read some books related to management topic from Dr. Uday Pareek, Prof. Swaminanthan, Mr. Maskarehans and some other writer who are associated in some or other way with Indian Institute of Management (IIM). As someone guided me that it will increase my efficiency in my office related activities. I am directly supporting the CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of our company. I am not able to find the books online on free downloadable basis, are they available. Kindly if anyone of of you have please send the link or procedure for the same.

Voter ID Cards

I am interested to have a voter id card for myself and my family, please tell me what needs to be done regarding the completion of same.

Domicile Certificate

I am in requirement of a domicile certificate for myself but i don't have any property papers in my name. Also I don't have ration card. I am holder of gas connection and its documents are with me. I tried for ration card number of times but unsuccessful, i am in requirement of a agent who can do this job for me.
Kindly help me if anyone of you know the procedures.

Trinamool's Firoza Bibi wins Nandigram bypoll

Print Media

Recently I seen that how print media have settings with Big and Powerful Industrial groups/Influential persons. They publish the views/article/story about the influential person/group and in return take advertisements and arrange for some awards for them. Actually it is a understanding between these two parties for mutual benefits but print media have the responsibility towards common man as general public believes and work on the views / article published for big celebrities.I think Print Media should avoid it and publish only real things and from business point of view they should look towards the advertisers who do not have malign interest for the society.

Raju quits Satyam; admits to financial wrong-doings- Hindustan Times

Truckers Strike

The strike of Truckers is commenced by All India Motor Transport Congress (AIMTC) having from Sunday midnight demanding decrease in diesel prices by Rs. 10 per litre and exemption from service tax. Some other demand are scrapping registration and return filing clause in new Carriers Act, Reducing tyres prices by 30-35 percent and rolling back national permit fees to Rs.1500.On Monday i.e. 5th Jan. 2009 government have given some exemption on services like cargo handling, storage and warehousing, packaging and tangible goods.Government says that ESMA may be implemented if the strike continues and permits of agitating trucks can also be canceled while AIMTC sources said that they are on nationwide strike will continue until their demands are met and if government cancels permits then the truckers would not be responsible for any situation arising as a reaction of that. On the part of government it has told the states to draw a plan to ensure supplies of essential commodities to the gene…

Truckers strike enters second day- Hindustan Times

Lalu to feature in animation film- Hindustan Times

Your Family

How many hours you should give to your family during a particular week?- One - two hour per day- more than two hours- less than two hoursPlease send me your response.

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Wikipedia saved! Surpasses fundraising goals!

A late Christmas present for Wikipedia: It has now enough money to fund its 2009 operations. What a nice way to start the new year! Congrats, guys!

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