Truckers Strike

The strike of Truckers is commenced by All India Motor Transport Congress (AIMTC) having from Sunday midnight demanding decrease in diesel prices by Rs. 10 per litre and exemption from service tax. Some other demand are scrapping registration and return filing clause in new Carriers Act, Reducing tyres prices by 30-35 percent and rolling back national permit fees to Rs.1500.

On Monday i.e. 5th Jan. 2009 government have given some exemption on services like cargo handling, storage and warehousing, packaging and tangible goods.

Government says that ESMA may be implemented if the strike continues and permits of agitating trucks can also be canceled while AIMTC sources said that they are on nationwide strike will continue until their demands are met and if government cancels permits then the truckers would not be responsible for any situation arising as a reaction of that.

On the part of government it has told the states to draw a plan to ensure supplies of essential commodities to the general public.

I think the Truckers strike will increase the burden on Indian Economy which is already under pressure due to Global Financial Crisis. Inflation had already reached its heights but the transportation strike will make the situation worst so government must act fast and resolve the issue by protecting interest of everyone and AIMTC should also understand the scenario and work in the interest of common public.


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