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GST V/s Country Growth

Since the implementation of GST (Goods & Service Tax) some of the following questions pending are as under :-

It is not clear that whether it is useful for country growth or NOT?

Did government revenue has increased in comparison to VAT or NOT?

Does GST stopped the trade cycle of business?

I think in starting month of implementations traders, businessmen and others have paid more taxes due to less knowledge and fear and government tax collection increased but due to political interference and increased knowledge the tax collections reduced later on.

When E-way bill is made mandatory it will definitely increase the revenue collection of government.

Probable date of launching E-way bill is 1st April 2018 as per the unconfirmed news.

I think business houses will increase their margin under cover of E-way and needs
to pay more taxes to get abided by law and surely it will be a nice move.


Industrial Situation

Now a days we knows that whole world is going through Global Financial Crisis and actual situation of industry according to my views is different than that. Let take an example of a factory owner who is manufacturing some finish product by use of raw material. In normal days (before financial meltdown) he used to purchase 100 kg of raw material which is sufficient for 2 months but now he is buying only 50 kg or less due to fear and the next person in line to whom he is selling finish product is also working in the same manner. The only fear is that whether they will be able to pay for the cost of material obtained as every transaction runs on credit basis. As banks have stopped giving payment on loose terms and conditions fear have increased. 

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