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BRT Corridor (Delhi)

Recently we listen and seen many things related to BRT corridors Bus Rapid Transmission System in Delhi. Most of people/newspapers are explaining that Government had made a mistake by constructing BRT Corridors. If Government do take any action we criticise government if anything goes wrong, but we never appreciate government for its success. The failure behidn the BRT Corridors according to me is illteracy among road users. In our country peoples are not much disciplined due to which a kiosk happens. If we all follow rules and regulations and inculculates discipline in ourself that will change the whole scenario. Everyone on the road is in hurry than others so he took wrong lines, overtakes at wrong location without following traffic rules that leads to chaos and accidents on the roads and government is blamed for the same.At last I can say that to make any system / new development successful everyone need to be fully aware about it. Discipline is another important factor. And we all…

Health Programme

Yesterday my two months son had been taken to government hospital at Faridabad where the preliminary medicines/injections/vaccinations are given by government at free of cost. On reaching their we found that the medicine is finished and it will be available only after fifteen days and that too not sure. I am not able to understand why the process of government health department is that much lazy when every year Central Government is increasing the budget for health services. The budget need to be used in a active manner and administrative branches of health department must take care of it.

By above incident i feel that if this is the scenario for health department especially for infants who are future of our country what will be happening in other departments.

Please post your experiences.


Self Tags: , , , , Recently in view of Panchayati Election in Area all the political parties are raising and giving air to warm up the environment in Nandigram area of West Bengal. Recently Gang rapes of women against turn the situation tensed and visit of Trinamool Congress Chief Mamta Banerjee and his party leaders to victims had been blocked by CPI(M) Cadres, which clearly presents the tensed scenario of area to the outside world.I don't understand what the local government, NGO and media is doing towards the betterment of environment. I think central government should sent a team consisting of members from all parties to analyze the situation of area and team must report in a limited period with remedial actions.All the points must be considered while giving priority to the common man/peoples of that area.While doing acquisition of land, we should remember if everywhere we construct industries and don't leave the la…

Death Sentence

Do you think that all over the world death sentence must be stopped even when it is known to us that it is given in very rare cases. Sometimes a person do some wrong act due to immaturity, loose control of his mind or some opposite circumstances and the concept of humanity says that everyone should come forward to treat him and work towards the improvement of his attitude. The objective of giving punishment is that criminal / mistaker / wrong doers feels guilty but if he death sentence is given the objective of punishment is died / finished and death sentence becomes a kind of revenge.
Please express your views over same.

Local Information

Sometimes i feel urgency for some information regarding purchase of material (household, commercial/official) or to book some ticket of railway, airline and many times it is very urgent to look for contact details of some agents / person / commission agent to deal with different types of government departments. As I don't have the local contact in that area, I use Internet (a big resource in itself) but most of time results are big zero.Can anyone suggest me something in this regard.

Sixth Pay Commission

In last few weeks much is in air about recommendations of sixth pay commission as it is related to increase in salary of Govt. employees. Everyone is saying that it will lead to big increase in salaries however only few are aware that number of leaves have reduced drastically. The less leaves will have following results :1. More health problems for everyone as the regular life is already too much stressed2. Less social relation between everyone leads to big impact on communal harmony3. Private sector will totally finish the leaves as everyone knows that private sector had less leaves in comparison to Government sector.4. You will be not able to join and celebrate many family functions/religious festivals etc.Increase in salary is necessary due to high inflation rate and number of national holidays must be not changed keeping in mind the health of Technorati Tags: ,,, nation.Please comment.

My Blog

Since last 2-3 weeks I am just writing news or other articles from various sources of Internet. Basically whatever I found interesting on Net I post the same to my blog also. I am not aware whether it will affect my page rank as the articles are from the other sources of net.My sole aim of blogging is earning money.If you know something please suggest.Self Tags: , , , ,

SC gives nod to 27 per cent quota for OBCs

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Last Updated: April 10, 2008 12:47 ISTIn a major boost to reservation, the Supreme Court on Thursday upheld the Constitution amendment law providing for 27 per cent quota for Other Backward Classes in IITs, IIMs and other Central educational institutions, but excluded the creamy layer from the benefit.Coverage: The Reservation IssueA five-judge Constitution bench cleared the Central Educational Institutions (Reservation in Admission) Act, 2006 providing for the quota, by a unanimous verdict.The bench headed by Chief Justice K G Balakrishnan excluded the creamy layer among the OBCs from the quota benefit. The court held that the Act does not violate the basic structure of the Constitution.The verdict came on a bunch of petitions by anti-quota activists challenging the Act. They vehemently opposed government's move saying caste cannot be the starting point…

BBC NEWS | Asia-Pacific | Olympics to 'rebound from crisis'

The head of the International Olympic Committee has said the Beijing Games will rebound from "crisis" after days of protests along the torch route.Jacques Rogge told a meeting of national committees in the Chinese capital that they should assure their countries the Games would succeed. The US stage of the torch relay passed off amid confusion and tight security in San Francisco on Wednesday. The route was totally changed at the last minute amid anti-Chinese protests. Torch-bearers were immersed in a cocoon of security, surrounded by dozens of police officers and Chinese guards in track-suits. Self Tags: , BBC NEWS | Asia-Pacific | Olympics to 'rebound from crisis'

Highly-skilled Indian workers win court challenge in UK-UK-World-The Times of India

LONDON: An estimated 30,000 Indians and 19,000 other non-Europeans successfully overturned the British government's hardline new rules for highly-skilled migrant workers on Tuesday with the High Court decisively ruling the immigration changes "unlawful" and a rank "abuse of (administrative) power".
Tuesday's legal triumph for the Highly-Skilled Migrant Programme (HSMP), the non-profit campaign organisation that was the lead appellant in the 14-month case, puts Britain's progressively-tighter immigration policies under the microscope.
It comes almost exactly six months after thousands of Indian doctors won their High Court challenge to the British government to force it to treat them on a par with European medics.
The High Court judgement dismissed the government's argument that it was in the "public interest...the national interest" retrospectively to apply changes to HSMP visas.
The ruling, by Judge Sir George Newma…

Inflation at new high, hits the 7%-mark

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Last Updated: April 04, 2008 12:49 ISTInflation galloped to 7 per cent for the week ended March 22, on higher prices of food, vegetables, minerals and manufactured items, even as measures to tame prices are expected to take effect only in 2-3 weeks.
Inflation growth in the previous week was 6.68 per cent and was 6.54 per cent in the corresponding week a year-ago.
On Monday, the government decided to abolish import duty  on crude form of edible oils, cut rate on refined edible oils and ban non-basmati rice exports among other measures to ease the pressure off prices.
However, Manila-based Asian Development Bank expects these measures to influence prices only by the month end.
The high rate of inflation could also prompt the Reserve Bank of India to take monetary measures, like hike in interest rate or tighten money supply through hike in CRR.
During the week, prices of fru…

The Hindu News Update Service

Kallis, de Villiers cement South Africa's positionAhmedabad (PTI): Jacques Kallis and A B de Villiers cemented South Africa's already dominant position with a record fifth wicket 189-run stand to take the visitors to 306 for four at lunch in the second cricket Test against India here on Friday. The duo, who joined forces on Thursday when the visitors were 117 for four replying to the Indian first innings total of 76, faced 279 balls during the stand, leaving the visitors ahead of the home team by 230 runs. At lunch, Kallis was unbeaten on 97, three short of his 30th Test century, while the more attacking de Villiers, who completed his fifth ton and first against India in the last over before lunch, was on 102. The duo's unfinished stand overhauled the previous fifth-wicket best of 164 between Kallis and Lance Klusener against the hosts done at Bangalore during the 1999-2000 visit by the Proteas. The well-settled pair, which resumed at the overnight 223 for four, was hardly…

Videocon eyeing Motorola`s handset biz: report

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India Infoline News Service / Mumbai Apr 02, 2008 10:54According to media reports, Videocon group chairman said that we have expressed our interest in acquiring Motorola’s handset business. We learnt from a reliable source that they will be selling it and when they do we are sending an expression of interest.The Videocon group is planning to bid for Motorola's troubled handset unit, if the US-based company decides to sell the loss-making business. According to media reports, Videocon group Chairman Venugopal Dhoot has been quoted as saying that Videocon is in the initial stages of evaluating a bid."We have learnt from a reliable source that they (Motorola) will be selling it and when they do we are sending an expression of interest," he added. According to a financial daily, the group has hired a leading investment banker to convey its interest t…

Airtel, Google come together for Airtel Live Portal

Indian telecom service provider Airtel has announced the launch of an all-in-one Internet portal called Airtel Live. This service is powered by Airtel broadband and software-cum-Internet giant Google.Customers at will get free access to a number of Google products including Google Apps messaging and collaboration suite which comprises Gmail, Google Docs and Google Calendar. It will also include the Start Page feature which allows users to create a customizable home page.Besides Google, Airtel has partnered with other Indian companies like, and 24×7guru. With this partnership, Airtel Live will also offer exclusive deals and discounts to customers. Atul Bindal, President, Airtel Telemedia services commented on the launch saying, “ is a milestone in Airtel’s broadband strategy and it builds upon the current broadband ecosystem infrastructure to establish an Internet destination for web applications.” “It underlines our commitment towards…