BRT Corridor (Delhi)

Recently we listen and seen many things related to BRT corridors Bus Rapid Transmission System in Delhi. Most of people/newspapers are explaining that Government had made a mistake by constructing BRT Corridors. If Government do take any action we criticise government if anything goes wrong, but we never appreciate government for its success. The failure behidn the BRT Corridors according to me is illteracy among road users. In our country peoples are not much disciplined due to which a kiosk happens. If we all follow rules and regulations and inculculates discipline in ourself that will change the whole scenario. Everyone on the road is in hurry than others so he took wrong lines, overtakes at wrong location without following traffic rules that leads to chaos and accidents on the roads and government is blamed for the same.

At last I can say that to make any system / new development successful everyone need to be fully aware about it. Discipline is another important factor. And we all should understand that establishment of any system takes time.

Let's come together to make BRT Corridor a successful Project, even after our whole hearted efforts it doesn't work that necessary actions can be thinked upon.


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  2. Add one more thing to missing road user culture, here we have a huge project without overall coordination & preparations, but also without outreach to public and much needed agencies coordination toward one objective, we are simply watching the show with GVT. and others helplessly.

    There is no preparation for managing traffic and still no realization in India. All cities in India are suffering grossly due to a complete lack of scientific management of traffic. Used to be lack of funds blame our failures with, but friends,today megacities in India are just hopelessly unaware of what traffic management is. It is time to intervene.

    I should know the pain of traffic management first hand as I practiced traffic management in New York City for 30 years.

    Raman K Patel, Ph.D., P.E.
    New Yok City

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