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Google Ocean

Image representing Google Earth as depicted in...

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Recently Google launched its product for watching oceans with the help of marine experts from National Geographic and BBC. To go through oceans you just need to download the Google Earth 5.0 on your PC and travels across the world oceans. You can learn about ocean climate, species and check for hot spot travels places. Really Google is leading the technology to new edges.

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Airtel, Google come together for Airtel Live Portal

Indian telecom service provider Airtel has announced the launch of an all-in-one Internet portal called Airtel Live. This service is powered by Airtel broadband and software-cum-Internet giant Google.

Customers at will get free access to a number of Google products including Google Apps messaging and collaboration suite which comprises Gmail, Google Docs and Google Calendar. It will also include the Start Page feature which allows users to create a customizable home page.

Besides Google, Airtel has partnered with other Indian companies like, and 24×7guru. With this partnership, Airtel Live will also offer exclusive deals and discounts to customers.

Atul Bindal, President, Airtel Telemedia services commented on the launch saying, “ is a milestone in Airtel’s broadband strategy and it builds upon the current broadband ecosystem infrastructure to establish an Internet destination for web applications.”

“It underlines our commitment towards simplifying and adding value to our broadband customers and driving the adoption of broadband in the country,” he added.

Users will definitely enjoy the Airtel Live experience as the collaboration includes two major powerhouses who will offer a good customer experience with their expertise and innovation.

Airtel, Google come together for Airtel Live Portal