Recently in view of Panchayati Election in Area all the political parties are raising and giving air to warm up the environment in Nandigram area of West Bengal. Recently Gang rapes of women against turn the situation tensed and visit of Trinamool Congress Chief Mamta Banerjee and his party leaders to victims had been blocked by CPI(M) Cadres, which clearly presents the tensed scenario of area to the outside world.

I don't understand what the local government, NGO and media is doing towards the betterment of environment.

I think central government should sent a team consisting of members from all parties to analyze the situation of area and team must report in a limited period with remedial actions.

All the points must be considered while giving priority to the common man/peoples of that area.

While doing acquisition of land, we should remember if everywhere we construct industries and don't leave the land for agriculture in future we will face the problem of food shortage. The high rate of inflation in now-a-days is only due to different in supply and demand.

Post me your views regarding same.

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  1. completely agree with you..I guess the recent looming food shortage ,is a result of all this !!!!