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Tuesday, March 15, 2016


I had created my blog "everymatter" around five years back on which provided a platform to me for expressing my views related to environment, policies, sports, science and everymatter which comes to my mind or I found surrounding me. during these previous years some readers joined me and I also got busy with some other activities and left it almost but still write son it occasionally. Basically more active on facebook. Here at this point i think what is the use of my blog now or how it can be utilized.

In last few years technology in the form of smartphones has reached to every common men. Internet is affecting every aspect of life so how this blog can help for betterment of peoples life.

Is it possible to provide any kind of services through this blog whether in Health, Education, Sports, Finance or any other sector.

Kindly post your views how this blog can be utilized in more better way.

Friday, April 11, 2008

My Blog

Since last 2-3 weeks I am just writing news or other articles from various sources of Internet. Basically whatever I found interesting on Net I post the same to my blog also.


I am not aware whether it will affect my page rank as the articles are from the other sources of net.


My sole aim of blogging is earning money.


If you know something please suggest.