ज़िंदगी की कहानी

आज मैंने एक बहुत ही अच्छी कविता पढ़ी जिसमे  लिखने वाले ने ज़िंदगी को बहुत ही खूबसूरत अंदाज़ में ब्यान किया है 

कविता इस  प्रकार है , लेखक को आभार 

कोई खुशियों की चाहत में रोया,
कोई दुखों की पनाह में रोया.

अजीब सिलसिला है,
इस ज़िन्दगी का.

कोई भरोसे के लिए रोया,                        
कोई भरोसा कर के रोया.!

"खुशी" ने वादा किया था वो, 
पांच दिन बाद लौट आएगी.

पर जब हमने "ज़िन्दगी" की,
किताब खोल कर देखी.

तो कमबख्त ज़िन्दगी ही, 
चार दिन की थी.!



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Deepawali or Diwali the festivals of light has come. Everyone will celebrate it in their own way. Old age or senior citizens will spoke to their counterparts and elders or matures will meet and exchange gifts, sweets with their relatives and friends. The youngsters will celebrate the festivals with shopping, party, bursting crackers and enjoying with their friends. Between all these things we forget about the waste generation in form of packing material, consumables and smoke generated due to bursting of fire crackers. The Hon’ble Supreme Court has fixed the timings for bursting of fire crackers, in addition to this I think that some kind of environment maintenance tax must b imposed on fire crackers so that the tax collected could be used for betterment of environment.

Also all of us should start a new trend of exchanging and planting a tree before or after Diwali at their garden or at some other location so that we make reimbursement to nature of our self part. The same may become a part of our culture and tradition so that the coming generation will start learning it from their childhood itself and planet earth will be safe for coming generation of humanity.  


Few days back on net I read about reservation. The definition of reservation has changed in last 3-4 decades. Different sections of society are aggressive and demanding reservation for them because now the reservation is like getting a direct benefit without hard work while the really poor and needy feel harassed because he doesn’t get it even when he/she is talented. In many cases reservation makes rich richer and makes poor poorer and creates inequality in society which is against the objective of constitution that there must be EQUALITY AMONG ALL. The reservation is becoming a social culprit with each passing day.

Let’s imagine a scenario as under mentioned:-

A person who belongs to reserved section of society starts his education with financial concession in fees, relaxation in age and also gets relaxation in marks. In many courses, colleges, universities etc. he receives financial scholarship just because he belongs to reserved class. He gets his degrees/certificate although he/she may not be enough capable. Now after completing his/her education when he/she is equipped with educational degree like others but still for getting job he/she gets benefit again (reduced form cost, less marks and relaxed age criteria) and after getting government job he gets salary as per government grades which is normally 40-50 thousand now a days and now the reserved person is well equipped financially as well as socially to take care of his family and is a part of society at par with others. He/she is having good house, car, scooters and his children’s are getting education is top private institutes of the city and his children’s will also get reservation benefit like his parents which clearly means now the children’s will rise one level above the society which definitely creates inequality in society against the law of equality as mentioned in constitution and clearly rich becomes richer.

Also thinks about a scenario where civil structures are built by an inefficient Engineer or health services given by an incompetent Doctor’s.

While on the other side of the coin a general category student starts his education but drop out because of his inability to bear educational expenses or completes his education by working hard or borrowing from others and becomes a merit holder but when he applies for a job he had to again pay more for the form cost and needs to fight with least marks scorer and still doesn’t receive the job he is capable for, then he adjust for some private job or get some junior job where he works as an assistant under the least scorer and unable to take care of his family and leaves a poor people life in society and again he is not able to take care of his family and his children’s get education in government school/charitable school or in some simple school and his children’s also doesn’t get good education and unemployed and again inequality generated in society and clearly poor becomes poorer.

I AM NOT AGAINST RESERVATION but reservation must be given to only those who is meritorious and financial week and needy irrespective of his caste or religion.

Anyone must be given on merit and financial status of the society AS PER THE OBJECTIVE OF EQUALITY AMONG CAN BE ATTAINED.

Salute to Late Sh. Atal Bihari Vajpayee

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Yesterday we lost a man of his words, a great politicians known for his honesty, dedication towards society and nation and winning the heart of everyone.

Shat Shat Naman Maa Bharti ka Saput Ko

My Favourite Song

Listened one of my favourite song of Sh. Pran Ji of Upkar film “Kasme Wada Pyar Vafa” depicting the real picture of life jig-jag. Really in fast & modern world no one is yours and we all are just playing our roles on the stage of life as said by William Shakespeare is presented in Hindi in above song. For meeting our day to day requirement and collection of money for safe future safe living we perform many good and bad acts.
Not finding more words to express my feelings now.


Monsoon has reached in all parts of India and many parts of country are affected from flood problem and almost every major city is facing water logging problem. If we see few weeks back water scarcity is a very big problem in many cities of the country. If we think carefully about the situation we the humans had reversed the nature cycle because we consume natural resources like anything and never plans and works to recharge them. In every monsoon season media highlights the problems of water logging, floods pictures and videos from all over India and we just pass comment about these problem but never wakes up and moves towards solution of problems.

Rain Water  must be reserved and stored for lateral usage as we knows that ground water level has gone down drastically and many regions are in dark zone because of non recharge of ground water. The reason behind non recharging is increasing in concrete area and non adoption of methods, techniques and ways of RAIN WATER HARVESTING. Rain water must be harvested in all aspects of life and at every place whether it is residential, commercial or industrial. Also our farmers must be educated to store and use rain water. On the part of government motivation in form of subsidy, guidance and awareness program etc. required to be executed at ground level not only in papers. Generally schemes / project of government takes too long to reach / execute and by the time project really starts and takes speed the time is already passed and projects/scheme become irrelevant.
For rain water harvesting Macro & Micro both kinds of methods need to be adopted.

Technical innovation required for above which are commercial viable at small and large levels.

Heat Wave

Heat wave has started and temperature has started rising above levels of 40 degree Celsius. In coming day’s temperature will keep increasing and jeopardize the normal life. Hopefully summer vacation for school going children’s will start soon as the children are the first and prime victim of heat wave. These days danger exists for many common diseases like Diarrhea, water borne infection, low blood pressure etc.

  • Some common methods to save yourself from heat stroke are as under :-
  • Drink lot of lemon water, fruit juice, liquid drinks, milk, glucose 
  • Wash your hand, legs and face 2-3 times during the day with water
  • Eat lots of seasonal fruits like water melons, cucumber, Muskmelon, etc.
  • Everyday take bath 2 times a day (morning & evening)
  • Cover your body as much as possible to save yourself from heat & warm air waves.
  • Use umbrella, towel on head / Cap or Hut
  • Try to complete & execute your work during morning and evening hours (avoid  afternoon timings for field work until or unless it is very much necessary)

Immediately consult Doctor in case of any problem.