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Shri Rajiv Dixit & Swami Ramdev on Vishwa Ko Bharat Ki Den - Bharat Swab...


Alarming rise in Tiger deaths in India


Air chief PV Naik in favour of flexing missile power - Hindustan Times

Air chief PV Naik in favour of flexing missile power - Hindustan Times

Yes I am agree to the point of Air Chief, India should built long range missiles but in phase wise manner of 3-4 years but it must ensure that the project gets completed in specified / planned time frame because generally all the project of Indian Research are very late increasing cost and reducing their importance and worth.

India must try to sell its technology to the needed country like its counterpart part US, Russia, China and others are doing as selling of arms & technology will give boost of Indian Economy and provide us funds for future research programs. It will also attract our talented minds to stay in India which will further strengthen the foundation of country.

Definitely India should not have first strike policy but must be capable of answering any wrong initiative of enemy.

We have the second biggest Army in the world but it seems that this army is without teeth, having big shortage of officers t…

121 Crore logo ne kiya Param Pujniya Swami Ramdev ji Mahraj se Nivedan


Raining in Faridabad

Today their is a lot of rain in Faridabad which give much needed relief to the people suffering from heat wave but when I left home for office in morning i found that all the roads are logged with rain water. The only reason behind water logging is choking of drainage system. I hope the city administration may awake from its sleep today and may start its drive to clean the city drainage and sewerage system in the coming week. The water logging will damage the newly constructed roads and create bad patches on roads.

Further it is worth to be mentioned that not only the city administration is responsible for choking of drainage system but we the citizen also equally responsible because we throw the waste, dump and debris of our house outside and never cares what will happen on the road. Sometime when we construct of our house and office we throw the debris on the road or on the blank place, green belt, park etc. which generally create problem for others.

So we must think that if we want…

देखें कैसे सड़कों पर उतरे बाबा समर्थक । सत्याग्रह का दमन: AAJ TAK: Jaroor Dekhein

CBI, I-T on Ramdev trail - Hindustan Times

CBI, I-T on Ramdev trail - Hindustan Times

Now government will impose fine, arrest him and try to prove that he is a tax evader and also give him notice by Sales Tax, Income Tax and so many other acts. CBI, Intelligence, ED, IT will monitor him 24x7 and report to Congress high command minute by minute so and give statement in Media against Baba so that common men leave Yog Guru.


Baba ramdev police action in delhi ramlila ground


Baba Ramdev Eviction - protest meet 5.6.11


Anna to join Ramdev's fast, says no divide in civil society - Hindustan Times

Anna to join Ramdev's fast, says no divide in civil society - Hindustan Times

India stands united against corruption. I am with Anna Hazare and Baba Ramdev.

Common men has lost its confidence towards Government. All politicians act for their own benefits. Jan Lok pal bill must be implemented and no one should be out of its boundary.




"INDIA AGAINST CORRUPTION" spread this message to everyone and show the government, politicians and corrupt peoples that common men is aware now and they should not exploit him now.

Bhrashtachar Mitao Satyagraha (4th June,2011)Baba Ramdev