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Recently I seen one of the civil works carried out by a government contractor. Although I don’t have any degree or much knowledge about civil work but noticed that all work carried out by contractor is done according to his own rough estimates without taking any proper measurements. No measuring equipment’s, observations or paper work is done which I think is not possible in any government work and my knowledge about the system says that this all paperwork is done in false way and made  the system just a formality. No government officials who visited the site done any measurements, paper work and even no feedback is taken from the peoples of that area. I think it is a general and common practice in most of the government works because of untrained peoples and to save / earn more money by contractors / officials. It clearly happens due to corruption which is eating the taxpayer’s money. The contractor use lower quality material, put untrained peoples without proper equipment’s, break rules of working etc. because he / she has to give the big amount of tender amount to concerned officials/departments. These officials use this money to promote themselves to their seniors and to grow themselves and their seniors again also forward a part of above money to their Seniors which generate a complete cycle of corruption. This corruption money is used in many illegal ways. IT MUST BE STOPPED. 

Anna to join Ramdev's fast, says no divide in civil society - Hindustan Times

Anna to join Ramdev's fast, says no divide in civil society - Hindustan Times

India stands united against corruption. I am with Anna Hazare and Baba Ramdev.

Common men has lost its confidence towards Government. All politicians act for their own benefits. Jan Lok pal bill must be implemented and no one should be out of its boundary.




"INDIA AGAINST CORRUPTION" spread this message to everyone and show the government, politicians and corrupt peoples that common men is aware now and they should not exploit him now.

Satyagrah against Corruption by Baba Ramdev

It is popular news everywhere that Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev is starting fastunto death from 4th June 2011 in Delhi as Satyagrah against Corruption. He is demanding that all the Black Money deposited by Corrupt Peoples in Swiss Bank must be brought back to the Country and declared as Public Property and also the Big currency notes must be discontinued as it is a helpful for corrupt peoples in exchanging money.
It is worth to be mentioned that Anna Hazare Ji had started a similar fast unto death on 5th April 2011 for his demand about Jan Lok Pal Bill. Jan Lok Bill will b3e a major booster in fight against corruption. At that time government has agreed that it will meet all the demands of Anna Hazare Ji about Jan Lokpal Bill and will pass the Act in monsoon session but now after few meeting government has pulled back its hand and saying that it is not possible that Prime Minister Office as well as other officers can be held responsible for this wrong willful act or corruption activities. It is tact of politicians and corrupt peoples to cool down the common men when any movement against corruption rises and gain momentum. Here I would say that Baba Ramdev should not believe any commitment from any political party or Government nominees because they make big announcement and yes to everything you say now and never fulfill the announcement and complete their commitments.
So I request to Baba that he must continue his fight against corruption and never goes with the words of government representatives.

Save India, Save Mother Land, Be A True Indian

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