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Say No To Fire Crackers on Diwali

Diwali is coming and everyone has started planning and buying the gifts, cloths, cards, sweets and our young generations of teenagers, children's and even some well educated mature persons are very enthusiastic about bursting fire crackers. Bursting of fire crackers of hundred crores leads to much smoke, noise and other types of pollution. It even hurts and increase problems of patients admitted in hospitals and senior citizens who are generally have some type of allergy/disease due to age factors are increased. If the same amount of money is used for betterment of society it could be very useful.
By saying no to Fire Crackers we might not only reduce the high costs of buying and burning these crackers, but also reduce the expense incurred in the treatment and cure of asthma and other pollution related diseases including anxiety and heart problems. Should we not act reasonably and prove ourselves to be better citizens? Should we not make improved use of our education?

Badkhal Flyover to Ankhir Chowk

Currently these days so many trees are being cut on the green belt adjacent to road between Badkhal Flyover to Ankhir Chowk, probably the road is being converted from two lane to four lane and a another two land flyover may be constructed in coming near future joining the existing flyover which connects with National Highway-2 Mathura Road. Construction of new road will ease down the traffic problem and increase pace of development but Hundreds of trees has been cut down for the above mentioned purpose on the One Kilometer green belt area .  Important questions regarding environment which arises are :- 1. How the environment will be compensated? 2. Does any other location has been identified where the trees will be planted against the trees cut down? 3. What budget has been allocated for the new trees to be planted? 4. What timeline has been made. I don't think that anything out of above mentioned questions has been done but is it possible to access these information using RTI. What ar…

Under new scheme, students can own computer for USD 35 - The Times of India

Just now I read on TimesofIndia website that Union HRD minister Kapil Sabil's announced in the 39th annual conference of council of boards of school education in India (COBSE) in Ajmer that government is planning to provide the laptop to students "US$35 means approximately Rs.1600 along with a 50% subsidy by the Central government .
We are still waiting the Rs.750 laptop launched by Mr. Sibal previously because the availbility of laptop to students at low cost will totally change the scenario of Indian Education. Best of Luck Mr. Kapil Sibal.
Under new scheme, students can own computer for USD 35 - The Times of India

Faridabad to host state games - Hindustan Times

As per the news on Hindustan Times website Haryana is going to organise 24th State Games at Faridabad beginning on Friday, October 22, 2010. More than 6,500 sportspersons and 500 officials from different parts of the state. It is worth to be noted that players of Haryana had won many gold medals in CommonWealth Games recently completed. 29 games will be part of sport event and it is the biggest sport event in Faridabad and games are organised by Haryana Olympic Association. Archery, athletics, badminton, basketball, boxing, chess, handball, kabaddi, hockey, judo, lawn tennis, net ball, wrestling, etc. are part of the games. "The championships will be held in Sector 12 sports complex, Nehar Singh Stadium, NIT 3 Sports Complex and Pantha Bhavan," Dangi said. Faridabad to host state games - Hindustan Times

Indian Railways | Double Deckrer AC Train | Railway Reservation | Jalandhar | Coach - Oneindia News

As per website Indian Railways rolled out it's first air-conditioned double-decker train in Kapurthala district of Jalandhar on Saturday, Oct 16.
Indian Railways | Double Deckrer AC Train | Railway Reservation | Jalandhar | Coach - Oneindia News

Railway Station

On last to last Sunday I traveled by train from Delhi to Bhiwani with family and to my surprise on Hazrat Nizamudin Railway Station on platform their is no toilet and even milk for the childrens is not available.

It is worth to be noted that Indian Railway make big claims to provide comfortable ride to passengers and its platform lacks basic facilities.

Civilized Society

Yesterday evening I travelled from ShakurBasti Railway Station to Faridabad in Local EMU (shuttle) train and the compartment is not only crowded but really over-overcrowded and even it is very tough to stand properly. A family is there in that train compartment with a 2-3 month old baby and around 4 years old boy and it is worth to mention that they are not only seating properly but other peoples are concerned taking care that they do not push the small baby & boy and their mother for space. This incident give me a feeling that we are living in a civilized society which respect the dignity of women and give preferences to small childrens.

BJP leaders forcefully inaugurate Badarpur flyover

YouTube - live cwg opening ceremony (common wealth games)2010 India, latest video by

Faridabad flyover to open on Oct 5, no toll till Diwali - Hindustan Times

As per Hindustantimes website on Friday the Haryana BJP chief Krishenpal Gujjar forcibly open the Badarpur Flyover to Public although HCC company officials put the Barricade immediately after that. As per HCC officials one of the carriageway will be operational by October 5, 2010 and by November the whole elevated highway with both carriageways will be ready to inaugrate by November.

The good news for commuters of this root is that their will be no toll charges till Diwali for use of the flyover.