Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Politics in Cricket

The drop of Rahul Dravid name from Indian Squad for the first two cricket ODIs against Pakistan shows that our sportsman not only has to play sport but also to play politics with their officers, selectors and their colleagues. We can also say that it is the starting point for retire of Big Players but that should have been done in true way not through politics. If we refresh the resignation of Rahul Dravid from Indian captaincy, that has been done in same manner and it is also because of bad politics inside the Cricket. All this politics is happening because of fame and money attached with cricket but it is not a good sign from sports point of view. Instead of dropping him he must be given the option of playing in Challenger series and may have been given rest for few matches. Against all these he had been directly dropped from Indian team without solid reason. Let’s come together to remove politics from sports so send me your views, comments and ideas to fight against bad politics in our favorite game i.e. cricket.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Blue Line Bus Service


So many news are present in media & newspapers regarding blue-line bus services of Delhi from last few fortnights, telling about the mistakes of done by the blue line buses. Drivers, conductor and other staff of blueline buses are not trained and because of these we listen everyday that blueline bus hit, injured or killed someone. Staff of blueline service behaves very rudely with passengers and even do not regard ladies passengers. Delhi High court has ordered the government to submit ownership details of buses and how much of them belong to politicians, policemen and their relatives. But personally I feel that most of the blueline bus owners will use the loopholes of system to protect themselves. To control the mistakes and improve the city transportation service is not only the duty of government or courts but every common people should come forward and put his effort for the same. The only thing which satisfies us is that we have started moving on the path of improvement.

Please post your ideas to change, improve the transportation system of city.

Monday, October 22, 2007

BSE Sensex

BSE Sensex

BSE Sensex (Bombay Stock Exchange sensitive Index) is one of the attractive options for investor where investor earn and loss heavily. It is the indicator of economy as its has made up of stocks of different sector companies. BSE Sensex has started from 100 point in 1979 and crossed 19000 marks recently. During its history, sensex has crossed many benchmarks but from 4000 point to 5000 points it has taken maximum time (approx. seven years) because of Harshad Mehta scam (a black name in sensex history). On an average sensex gives 9 per-cent returns.

Please post your views, ideas and remarks for above.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

To make your website friendlier for search engines like google, yahoo, msn and to list your website in top ranks for Search results, it is called Search Engine Optimization. With the help of Search Engine Optimization you can naturally drive/lead traffic to your website and it is one of the best cost effective methods. In today IT World SEO is a hot tool for online marketing of your product/information/organisation. Search Engine optimization is done through using best keywords, selection of content, internal and external links and meta tags and the most important thing is CONTENT . CONTENT IS THE KING. Exact ways used by search engine companies are secret and not known but lot of knowledge, observation and opinions are available worldwide in this field. If you are not familiar with SEO and not using it in right way then very low number of visitors will be their for your website even if it is a best website. SEO and Website creation goes parallel. To optimize a already built website is somewhat cumbersome and impractical. Investment on SEO investment gives high returns. SEO implementation should be done carefully as use unethical methods will lead to ban of your website. SEO job should be done very carefully.

So make your site as per SEO.

Please submit your comment.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Blogger Buzz: Blogging for the Environment

Blogger Buzz: Blogging for the Environment



Every human being on this planet is attached to some super power in form of spiritualism. In India spiritualism is very big industry & in past decade it has seen tremendous growth and changes. According to some estimates this industry is of 2000 crores. The hub of this industry is religious places like Haridwar, Mathura, Vrindavan etc. Religious leaders and trusts are using the modern technological resources in a very good way to spread their messages to everyone. They organize camps, distribute VCD, Books, medicines, periodicals, etc. Promotions are done through satsangs and live shows on various TV channels. The main advantage available to this industry is most of the income is tax free and pilgrims are hungry to pay/donate.

It is also a very source of income for many peoples and they are fully dependent on it for living their life.

Is all this true and good for us, please post your views.

Thursday, October 11, 2007


Environment of our planet is loosing its strength by every passing day since last few decades because of rapid increase in industrialization without following pollution norms, cutting of trees on large scale without re-plantation, increasing population and desire of human beings to do something new without thinking about its impact on environment. Due to above mentioned reasons pollution spreads in various form like air pollution, noise pollution, water pollution, land pollution, etc. Pollution had crossed all its limit and increasing at a very very high speed with every passing day which in turn creating issues like global warming, climate change etc. now all developed and developing nations of our world are concerned about environmental issues and United Nations celebrates 5th June as Environment Day all over the world and promotes ways and methods to save our environment. Every individual not only speak about it but apply the rules in his/her regular routine.

Please post your ideas to deal with environmental issues.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007


On scale of corruption India’s rank is 72nd in the world as per the report of Transparency International India a Berlin based non profit organization. Corruption is directly linked with poverty and mis-governance. A survey shows that more than 75% of respondents in the National Capital Region do not have faith in the government. Every where we go found corruption whether it is railway reservation, allotment of land, filing of taxes, etc. From top to bottom corruption exist everywhere. Politicians, bureaucrats find new ways to fill up their pocket by misuse of public assets. To remove corruption we should made systematic reforms in governance and remove some bad traditional points like presenting gifts. We need to change our election system, so that fair politics can help to improve India. Recently some big & fair decisions had helped India to reduce corruption like declaration of assets by candidates before filing for nomination. Right To Information Act have a powerful tool to fight against corruption. E-Governance could be another useful path to follow. Let’s come together and put our whole hearted efforts to remove corruption from our country.

Please mention all other methods which should be adopted by everyone of us in our regular life to remove corruption from our society.

Post your comments.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007



Indian army, the second largest army (with 1.13 million soldiers and officer) in the world after china is facing problem of STRESS among its officers and soldiers. Many of its officers and soldiers are committing suicide or they attack their colleagues and seniors. In such incidents army lost twice the number of soldiers compared to dies in action /battle field.

Soldiers are stressed because of relentless counter-insurgency operations, posting in far flung areas of J&K, North East on bayonet edge. They have to fight with heavily armed militants and don’t get proper sleep/rest followed by lack basic amenities, poor accommodation facilities and very little salary. They also feel helpless to solve their problems faced by their due to their posting at far-flung areas. Seniors themselves takes the leave, enjoy good facilities and other benefits while soldiers are even not getting a part of it.

Defence Institute of Psychological Research (DIPR) study says denial of leave, humiliation and harassment by seniors, absence of leaders. Currently Army is facing leadership crisis at middle level because an average middle Indian gets the double starting salary compared to the salary of Army personnels.

To overcome the stress problem DIFR recommended that the psychologist to soldier ratio should be at least 1 : 1000 and as a long term step separate cadre of psychologists should be created in army.

As of now soldiers are allowed to frequency call their families regularly and list of Do’s and Don’ts to also handle psychological problems.

Company commanders had also been given manual which will help them to identify soldiers who are stressed.

Army says that it is a “testing time” for the force and it will pass because foundations are strong.