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In last few months so many news are there in e-media and newspapers about crime against women and many incidents are reported from small towns and even villages. There is a urgent need to find out the reasons behind it. Today our youths are wasting their too much time with electronic devices like television and mobile

About television my observation is that they shows too much violence and these violent activities have negative impact on teenagers and youths mind. Also free and low cost access to internet through mobile has lead to youth fascination towards many unwanted material on net.

The highly decreased personal interaction between human beings is also responsible for crime because new young generations fail to understand the importance of moral and social values. The topic of discussion among youth groups are generally vulgar and negative and leads to increased crime. If the energy of youths are used and taken into right direction then it will be beneficial for society and nation.

The change in social pattern have resulted in postpone of individual rights, duties and responsibilities from social and personal point of view because generally a youth get established in his life in the age of 26-27 after getting education and some experience which gets conflicted with the change in humans body biological requirements.

Another reason is high rate of unemployment in our country which increases frustration and frustration leads to crime.

An important reason behind crime against women is decreasing girl ratio in society although government has started ‘Beti Bachao Beti Padao’ movement but still the daughters marriage, dowry problem and dependency of parents on son is a very big hurdle in way of government mission of ‘Save Girl Child

To control crime against women awareness, moral values needs to be inculcated to all teenagers and youth by their teachers, parent’s elders and seniors. I think in every village, small towns and cities a monthly programme must be organized to teach the society about giving care & respect to women’s. Also moral science subjects in education should also teach the students about dignity of women’s.

Madhya Pradesh to allow women work two shifts in factories - Hindustan Times

It will be good initiative towards women's welfare but as we know the exploitation of labour in industrial sector is not satisfactory. Is Government has planned / designed any safety measures for the same. What system, procedures and other things should be provided and completed by industrial house before inviting women's in night shifts. Ways to protect the dignity of women's must be maintained before any organization is allowed for 2nd shift of working of women's at its place

Also our social system will have a great impact of it because generally Indian Families are headed by Sr. Male of the house, it will definitely increase more burden on him keeping in view the status of unemployment situation in country. The decision will have great impact on our social and family system.

Madhya Pradesh to allow women work two shifts in factories - Hindustan Times