In one of my recent visit to a marriage function i seen that mostly people taken seat in their own vehicles and did not walked with 'Groom' till temple. Even before departure of Groom from home almost everyone is busy in himself surfing with their mobiles. Marriage party are not so much enjoying event now and most of the peoples just participate to complete formality. The modern busy life is just not have a impact on marriage events but completely dented our social culture. In death cases also people either reach directly to crimination ground or don't walk with body just move few meters and then take their vehicles and during process of crimination many are in hurry to move and don't stay their till completion of activity which is very bad. 

What steps should be taken to stop decreasing humanity / moral values in today modern life. How we should increase social co-operation and move forward to give help to others in hour of need as everyone has to pass through good and bad times and social programs are essential part of every human beings.

We must realize this decreasing mutual co-operation inside social structure otherwise in future if social co-operation will end it will be a very big factor in end of cultured society.

I invite all readers to please post your suggestion to increase social and moral values, harmony inside the society.