In my recent visit to Faridabad i felt a lot of changes in the city. A new wave of development is going. Previously the areas who are outskirts of city and farms are their is now filled with lots of societies especially the Naharpar area is now has so many flats and societies. Reputed School is also their.

The National Highway from Delhi to Mathura passing through the city is congested at many places and long traffic jams are very common during peak hours previously. The Old Faridabad Chowk, Badkhal Chowk, Badarpur, Sarai, NHPC Chowk is generally had a problem of big traffic jams during peak hours but in last few years the situation is completely changes. Old Faridabad, Badkhal and other points are undergoing for development of over bridges to decongest the National Highway under Delhi Agra Road Project scheme. Badarpur Flyover has really helped to remove bottleneckness of traffic problem at badarpur mor.

The most important development is of Metro Rail which has boosted the infrastructure of city many times and lead the development of city. Metro has also helped to reduce pollution and decongest traffic problem on Mathura Road. Metro Rail is really helped the peoples of city and increased connectivity with the capital. 

Faridabad may see many more changes in upcoming years as it may be converted into smart city.

But in this race of development we should not forgot the environmental aspect which is must for all human beings on this planet. Forest and farms are finishing with every passing day as cities are increasing and leading to big damage to environment. BE CAREFUL.


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