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Badarpur Flyover

Badarpur flyover project has been mooted five years ago to de-congest National Highway – 2 (Mathura Road) at Badarpur Crossing. It is an important gateway to Delhi city and a link between Delhi, Faridabad, Mathura and Agra. Too much encroachments and traffic increase the chaos. Many attempts have been done to remove encroachments from the main crossing to increase space for traffic but to no avail because of political interference, corruption and lack of administration.

Approximately 100000 (one lakh) vehicles daily ply on this road and 45 to 50 minutes is the waiting time and goes up in night due to commercial traffic on highway. Approximately 500000 (five lacs) peoples use this road daily basis and 45 minutes wastage means 500000 x 45 = 22500000 minutes mean 3,75,000 hours are wasted. If we calculate on monetary scale than 375000 * 300 (average income for one hour) = Rs. 11,25,00,000/- are wasted on daily basis. If we multiply its from 1825 days i.e 5 (five) years the figure will be Rs. 2,05,31,25,00,000/- is wasted from our national income. In last five years the cost of construction had gone tremendously high which is clear loss to Ex-Chequer’s and also affected the nation’s prosperity. Apart from financial losses the traffic chaos on the road increase pollution heavily and also affects health of commuters.

Many of the industrial associations of Faridabad is saying that cheap land in city attracts many industrial ventures but traffic bottleneck on the approach roads stops businessmen’s and Corporate Sector to starts their project in city.

To deal with all these problems the concept of six lane flyover had been mooted which again did not visualized because of procedural and political compulsions. Flyover will start from BTPC and ends at Sec-37 Faridabad. To construct flyover first of all slip and services roads had to be constructed on both side of border by their respective state governments. National Highway Authority of India will borne the cost of flyover while state governments are responsible for ancillary works.

Now the issue had been raised in parliament also so some news are flashed that work on the flyover is expected to begin by July 2008.