Do you think that construction of metro rail will reduce chaos/traffic at Badarpur Border and when it will complete. The construction of flyover from Badarpur Thermal Power Plant to Sec-37 in Faridabad is not started till now so don't think about its completion period. Currently their is too much rush from Jaitpur Mod to Aali Mod and during peak hours the situation is unbearable. In the night when heavy traffic starts moving in and out from Delhi the congestion is uncontrollable.


What is the solution for the same when we know the government machinery is not able to built the Badarpur Flyover soon due to some malign interested peoples having impact in streets of POWER & Administration and because of delay the cost of construction for flyover has increased several times.


Do you think that any one interested to work for this work can take any particular step so that the work for the flyover will start as early as possible or can we take initiative to make some group who work towards the development of Flyover within prescribed deadlines. 


Please suggest solutions which comes to your mind.


  1. Until the govt is firm , nothing can be done!!!
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