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Yesterday a spell of pre monsoon rain comes to Delhi, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Uttarakhand giving much needed relief. As per expectation monsoon will reach north India by July 12. As we all knows that in previous two weeks due to so much heat everyone is talking about rain and delay of monsoon seeded a fear in government, farmers and everybody that this year we have to face a drought like situation and Indian economy which is already under pressure due to Global Meltdown will further decline and prices of food items which are already very high will further go up. Problem of Power & Water is so big because of declining water levels in major dams like Tehri, Bakhra, etc. and major rivers are on the verge of end. Many parts of the northern india farmers who are dependent on rivers water through canals may not get water and production of kharib may be affected.So lets pray & hope that rain will come soon and all problems gets solved.

Govt should stop opening more hospitals!

Health care reforms in India too need reforms as we need reforms in many other sectors: electoral. police, judicial and administrative. 6 decades of free health care policies in independent India have not brought succor to the larger percentage of population. Those at the base of pyramid do not have access to the basic health care. The central and state governments have spent massive amounts on opening and maintaining large hospitals to small dispensaries: the services are more or less free. Yet we have dismal performances being seen: they are best characterized by inefficiency, maladministration and waste of resources and poor work-ethics. 
What is the solution: open more efficient hospitals? No, stop spending further money on this wasteful exercize. In my opinion, the following steps should be taken:
1.Govt hospitals be replaced with health insurance: Open no more govt hospitals, rather gradually abolish this system. Government must provide health insurance cards to each and every fam…

नीम का पेड

बचपन मे मै अपने साथियों और दोस्तों के साथ गली के बाहर खुली जगह मे नीम के पेड की छाया मे बहुत से खेल जैसे गुली डंडा, कंचे, लट्टू खेलता था । मेरे स्कूल मे भी हम सभी पीपल, नीम और बरगद का पेड की छाया मे भी बहुत खेला करते थे। जब स्कूल मे बिजली चली जाती थी तो हमारे टीचर्स हमे इन पेडो के नीचे शिक्षा देते थे। जब कभी हम चोट लग जाती थी तो नीम का पतों को पानी मे उबाल कर एंटी-सेप्टिक के तोर पर इस्तमाल किया करते थे। पीपल की पेड को सीचा जाता था । बरगद और पीपल का घनी ढंडी छाया मे सुस्ताना याद आता है। अब जब भी कभी मै गर्मियों की धुप मे कही जाता हु तो उन वृक्षो की याद आती है क्योंकि आजकल सड़क के किनारे ऐसे पेड बहुत ही कम या यु कहू की देखने को नही मिलते। अब तो नीम, बरगद और पीपुल के पेड मेरे घर या ऑफिस के नजदीक मे भी नही है । आधुनिकरण की दौड़ मे हमने अपनी विरासत मे मिले इन जीवनदायिनी वृक्षो को काट डाला यह जानते हुवे की पेड हमारा वातावरण प्रकीर्या का बहुत ही महत्वपूरण हिस्सा है। आज की नई जेनरेशन इन पेडो के बारे मे कुछ भी नही जानती या फिर बहुत थोड़ा जानती है क्योंकि अब हम नीम, पीपल और बरगद जैसे…

Lalgarh Overtaken

Area of Lalgarh in West Bengal is now under the command of Naxalist and they are controlling more than 100 villages and openly announced that they are going to takeover more and more areas under their control. Although central para military security forces have reached their but they are sitting idle on the boundary drawn by naxalist. Security forces are just waiting for the orders from top political brass for they go ahead. In this scenario all political parties are playing their politics without thinking about national interest. While the central government has put the ball in the court of state government by sending its troops and state government is thinking how the action by security forces will affect their political motives after the incident of Nandigram and Singur.Without thinking about politics the security forces must be given go ahead immediately and a parallel team must be raised which solves the reason behind this scenario as it is said that tribals backed naxalist Poli…

Drinking Water

Quality of Drinking water in Faridabad is very bad. Due to so much extraction and failure to recharge of ground water, environmental pollution, etc. are some reasons behind this problem. Water supplied by Municipal Corporation tubewells are having too much TDS (Total Dissolved Solids ) and I am not aware what steps MCF implements to purify the water as it is not possible for every common family (aam aadmi ) to purchase RO (Reverse Osmosis) Plant to for treatment of bad water so he is drinking this bad quality water. In summers water borne disease is very common due to increase intake of water and every one is bound to consume the water supplied as the availability of water in summers is a very big problem. In some areas water do not come for whole day and in some areas comes at specified times. Every individual must come forward in association with NGO & Government to solve the problem.

Concrete Jungle

Recently I read posting of Mr. jamoos jhalla blog jhallevicharabout Dhandi Sarak of Meerut which is losing its characterstic due to cutting of trees, too much concrete jungle and pollution but it is not a problem of Meerut only, but in many cities Where the good climate/environment condition have changed and declining every day. In my childhood I have listened from my elders that many fruit gardens, reservoirs exist in my home town Bhiwani but they have been converted into concrete jungle now. In my childhood where I have seen farms is now developed colonies/sectors. In last 10 years at Faridabad I have seen converting too much farming land into sectors/colonies/offices/institutions even in Forest Area at Aravali Hills which is protected under law. Many local vegetables/fruits which are very tasty and nutritious not available now because of human interference in the natural cycle. Now a days SEZ are acquiring more and more land but now some awareness have come and even in Times of I…

Twenty 20 World Cup

Twenty-20 World cup has started and almost all teams have reached London. India the winner of 2007 Twenty-20 World Cup is a strong contender in this World Cup also with its Team members like Gautam Gambhir, Rohit Sharma, Raina, Yuvraj Singh, MS Dhoni (Captain). As a Indian I strongly want another world cup for the nation. I say Best of luck to all players and Team India but I have some question regarding team India. Like fitness & tiredness of Team India in view of IPL tournament because of month long IPL (Indian Premier League) Tournament will affect the performance of Indian Players although it has been denied by most players. Some of the important players are suffered from injuries or recently recovered and victory in Twenty-20 is looking doubtful due to above mentioned reasons. We should forgot that Australia is a very good team and the winner of 50 over cricket world cup. In both IPL (Indian Premier League) Tournaments the teams leaded by Australian Players have scored victor…

Railway Ministry

As everybody knows that now the Railway Ministry will be headed by Madam Mamta Banerjee. In previous government the Railway portfolio is with Mr. Lalu Prasad Yadav who have completely changed the scenario and become famous all over the world for converting the Railway Department from a Loss Unit to huge Profit making company. Lalu has been invited to World famous institutes for his miracle in Railway Department. The Railway Department currently has a generating big profits which never happens before the tenure of Mr. Lalu. Let see what changes Madam brings now, wills he able to maintain the pace set by previous minister or take it to new heights. It is really a tough job when you sit at great heights, but in previous year the level of comfort in railway travel has certainly gone down and its most popular & premium train like Rajdhani Express & Shatbhadi Express do not have adequate basic facilities. It may be possible that new Railway Minister able to solve these problem while…