Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Official Data

Whenever any wrong incidents like earthquake, flood, storm and even in case of accidents, violence, terrorism attack goes in any part of world most of the time the actual figures/stats about loss of life and assets are not published in newspaper nor told by media and official (Govt.) data always very small in comparison to the views given by the eye-witnesses. Generally official figures are 25 to 40% of actual figures. Recently in violence at Assam, India One eye –witness says that he had seen so many body lying on the streets but news published in newspaper and media mentions only few. In case of earthquake in Gujarat and Kashmir and in Tsunami figures mentioned by Govt. Departments are too low in comparison to actual. Why the correct estimates about loss of life and assets are not taken into account. Does it mean we are running from reality or we want to hide the facts from public / common people even knowing that unofficially everyone is aware about it? I am unable to find why?

If anyone of you could answer this, please comment.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Online Advertising Industry

Today we much listen about online advertising industry and everyone is setting up his/her blogs, webpages and website to earn online money through online advertising using google adsense, auctionads and other sites which provides ads for your pages. It reminds us about the .com era when everyone is running to setup a site and do something to earn money but the concept is clear to only few experts and due to lots of small and big players a downfall came in IT industry and I am feared that same thing will happen again because everyone is running towards online earning thinking that it is easy to earn money through internet now knowing the hard fact that it requires lot of knowledge, regular hardwork and consistency to work continuously.

Please express your views.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Nandigram SEZ

The Nandigram scenario shows that how powerful and rich peoples in our country play with system and damage environment, kills people with the help of criminals, corrupted politicians & bureaucrats. The attack on peoples in Nandigram, West Bengal by CPM Cadres clearly shows the interrelation between corrupted politics, bureaucracy and criminals and Why the media is silent on this issue and not bringing the clear picture in front of public. Although CRPF has been sent their but various techniques are being used to tie the hands of CRPF. We all are forgetting the point that terrorist and our enemy countries will use the scenario to work against us and disturb the internal law and order state of country.

Please post your details for the Nandigram.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Portable Mobile Number

By end of 2008 Indian Mobile Consumers have the facility to change the telecom service provider without changing their number, another very good facility for the mobile phone users of delhi, Mumbai, calcullta and madras. DoT (Department of Telecommunications) has recently announced it. However GSM operator are against this move because it will affect their profitability and CDMA players will get benefited from the same. We can hope that in coming years we have the portability between landline and mobile numbers also.

Please share your news with me.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Indian Super Computer

On 13th November TATA Group Supercomputer named EKA becomes the fourth rank fastest supercomputer in the world and fastest in Asia. It achieved the speed of 117.9 Teraflop or trillions of calculations per second. This achievement created another milestone in history of Indian Science & Technology. India first super computer PARAM is the first super computer built by C-DAC when United States denied a Cray supercomputer in 1987 because it feared that India could use for missile and nuclear development programme. Supercomputers are typically used for highly calculation problem solving in quantum mechanical physics, molecular modeling, weather forecasting and climate research, and physical simulation including that of nuclear tests. Indian engineers and mathematicians are already well known in the world. Whole World is familiar with Indian IT power. So now we can say that in the coming decades India will be a super computing nation.

Best of luck to my Nation.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Road Construction in India

Road Construction

Every year a thousand crores of rupees are spent on construction of roads by our government to increase connectivity between villages, cities and states. Most of the roads break down in a short span of time because of many reasons. The most important point is poor quality material and not following the proper methods laid down for making roads. Rain & sewage water disposal system is not designed or not constructed as per the requirement. When water lodged on roads, it breakdowns even if the best quality material is used to make the road. The road mafia takes benefit of these points and did not allow the system to implement the solution for same because this road mafia have roped its roots deep inside our whole system. To save public money and improve roads condition the following should be kept in mind before constructing any road. First of all the water disposal system must be constructed so that water do not get lodged on any part of the road as it will improve the life of the road and the strict measures need to be taken that good quality material and proper method of construction is used to build the roads.

Send me your ideas and methods which must be used to increase roads life.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Sewage Disposal System

In most of the Indian small and big cities the sewage disposal is becoming a big problem by every passing day because of growing population in cities. More and more peoples are coming to these cities in search of employment. Whenever any government agency develops future master plans for any city, the population grows more than estimated and all this unbalance the complete system. It is not only the duty of government to solve this problem but common man living in this city need to change his life style. He need to more disciplined and organized. Although the Indian citizens have changed in last few decades but too much need to be done. We need to learn new methods of living which use less environmental resources. Most important point is that we should invent the methods and technology with the help of which we can reuse solid and liquid waste. It will be friendly for our environment also.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Stress on Women’s

In this modern era when life is not fast but very fast the working women’s life have become too much stressed. They do not have to perform not only at the office but also at the home while completing their personal responsibility towards family. Although technology has helped but they need to be more organized while using technology. They wake up early in the morning, do cleaning of house and cook food for children’s and husband and other family members and run to office in hurry. In office also they have to meet the performance standard of the organization and compete with others professionals. At the end of day when they return home they do not get time to relax because they need to take care of children studies, washing of clothes, and of-course food for everyone and in case her husband is stressed she need to share the same with him. All these factors are probably reducing the life (age) of a common working women, if you are agree to my point please post your ideas to improve the situation.

Monday, November 5, 2007

Emergency in Pakistan

On 3rd November 2007 Pakistan President General Pervez Musharraf imposed emergency because of Islamic Militance and Interference of Judiciary Interference. He also removed Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhary from his post. Since the time of Pakistan Independence from British rulers power has gone in to hands of military many times. Recently Pakistan has seen return of Ex-Prime Minister Benzir Bhutto and failed exercise of return by Ex-Pm Nawaz Sharif. International community which is hopeful that Pakistan will stable democracy got a huge setback. But if we look at the past few years image of Pakistan in international arena especially Western Media, it has improved during the time of Pervez Musharraf and the peace process with India has also improved many folds but imposing emergency will totally demolished Pakistan and President Pervez Musharraf impression and image. The step of emergency may also affect Peace Process. United States of America (USA) has also said that it will review the financial assistance being provided to Pakistan under emergency conditions.

The only right point which is in favour of Mr. Musharraf is fight with Islamic Terrorism and Co-operation to international community against terrorism. Despite his exercise to save the Pakistan from becoming another Afghanistan he should restore democracy through a fair election system under view of international auditors on priority basis. If he can win the election through fair process then he will be leader of common Pakistani people.

Please post your views and comments on above.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Online Earning

I go through lot of article, website, links, advertisement claiming about click to pay, easy online earning, make millions on internet, earn through online surveys etc. Some of them ask for registration fees while some collects your personal and others details and you can not be sure whether you will definitely get something after giving your time and effort to them. Because most of these sites are fraud and due to that we lost our faith for true players who exist in this market. Recently I have received a cheque of $10 from American Consumer Opinion for completing a survey offered by them. If you are really interested to earn through internet, then you need to put your all efforts, talent, skills and time for the same. You could not be millionaire in a day, to be a successful person in your life you need to work hard on regular basis with complete effort. To earn online make a website and connect it to advertisement sites like google adsense which pay you for displaying advertisement on your site and you must have good number of regular visitors on your site so that u can earn something.

If you some more methods to earn online please send me your ideas.