Reason of Corruption

We all knows about the corruption in our country. We talk about it, raise many question and wants solution of corruption which had very wide reach in the system. It is increasing everyday like anything and had its roots and branch in every department of the system whether private of government sector. But what are the reasons behind the corruption? Why does it happens? I think there are many reasons behind it some of which are as follows :-

- Inability to meet the basic requirements of life

- Greediness to become more rich

- Fear of survival against changing circumstances

- Wish to become more powerful

I think corruption is somewhere has its roots deeps in our history. The TIP given to waiter, INAM given to maid, festival gift given to sweeper/dhobi/guard/driver/others are all branches of tree of corruption in one or other way.

Lets take a example of Some Big Land Lord in a village in ancient era of India or pre independence. Landlords used to keep the lower class / middle peoples for households, farming and others jobs and takes lot of work from them without any defined time limits and criteria to pay, landlord used to pay them a very little/small amount against their services which is not sufficient to complete the daily needs of workers so they request something extra which is given to them in the form of small Inam/ little value Gift on Festivals/functions to show the kindness of landlords. Actually this is the stage from where corruption starts, with the passing time this inam/gift system after the work has taken form of bribe and its is now a part of system. So to remove corruption we need to improve the condition of lower class peoples by stopping their exploitation.

In modern times small class peoples are known as lower class/4th class peoples working in offices and still not getting proper reimbursement against their services to complete their daily needs by wrong means they tries to do earn some money. To become richer and more powerful senior officers take bribes and increase corruption due to their greed. They think that with the help of money and power they will be able to sustain themselves in case of any problem/tough time. In between senior officials/lower class middle level executives working feels that when everyone is earning by wrong (corruption) means so he also get involves in the same thing due to environment effect, stressful life and his wish to go upward.

To remove corruption we must stop exploitation of small peoples/lower class and Implement Anti-Corruption measures from TOP ORDER/Upper Class the results will definitely improve. Anti-Corruption departments performance must be analysed on regular basis by independent bodies whose members are from Government, NGOs, RWAs, etc.

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  1. all corruption is due to oue corrupt polititions... no can do anything for this...