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Saturday, February 19, 2011

China changing, hope for Tibet: Dalai Lama

China changing, hope for Tibet: Dalai Lama

As per Spiritual leader view of Chinese Peoples are changing but I think China is never going to free Tibet and also on the basis of past behaviour of China you could not rely on him. As a nation China given quotation 'Hindi Chini Bhai Bhai' but still attacked India. Now a days China economy is progressing and China is is trying to be a World Power and also it appears that China is working against India. It is increasing its defence power like anything and building modern facilities near border areas of Arunachal Pradesh, Leh and other borders touching India.

Intentions of China is suspicious also in past years many infiltration of Chinese Troops in India raises a big question. If we see the chinese move from bureaucratic view they are issuing staples visa for people sof arunchal Pradesh and not issuing visa of the resident of Kashmir.

India must increase its pace of development especially defence sector to prepare against any future attack.

If we compare India v/s China we will found that China has developed its own technology while India is buying old technology at higher prices from Other countries which do not stands anywhere in comparision to China.

Till now our focus is only on Pakistan but the future threat from China is much bigger than Pakistan.


Sunday, March 30, 2008 Indians in New York urge US to boycott Olympics

Sunday, March 30, 2008 (New York)

The Indian American Intellectuals Forum has urged the United States to boycott the coming Olympics to send a ''clear and strong'' message to Beijing that Washington would not tolerate suppression of and brutalities against peace-loving Tibetans.

''This will be a minimal symbolic gesture of our solidarity with the Tibetan people,'' said the Forum President Narain Kataria in a letter to President George Bush on Saturday.

Kataria said that in 2002, US Congress had passed the Tibetan Policy Act that calls for the preservation of culture and identity of Tibetans living in exile and in Tibet.

''Under that act, it is the sacred duty of United States to protect the non-violent Tibetans from the brutal wrath of Chinese army,'' he stressed.

Pointing to ''reign of terror and repression'' let loose by the ''world's largest military dictatorship on ''hapless non violent'' Tibetans, Kataria said ever since China forcibly occupied the nation, there have been many reports of ''widespread mistreatment of civilians, torture of detainees and political prisoners.''

''There is a string of serious and severe violations of human rights,'' he said.
Tibet, the letter said, is overwhelmingly of the Buddhist faith. As Buddha was born in India, Buddhism is like a sister religion to the Hinduism.

''Hindu people in India even believe Lord Buddha to be an incarnation of Hindu God Vishnu. There is a symbiotic relationship between Hindus and Buddhists and hence, the Hindu people are very concerned about the miserable plight of Tibetan civilians at the hands of Chinese army,'' he added.

Stating that there is precedent, Kataria recalled the boycott of Moscow Olympics in 1980 after the Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan. Indians in New York urge US to boycott Olympics