Now a days so many young boys and girls are unmarried in our society especially who has weak financial background or who are less educated. These types of candidates hardly get any match or a life partner, many of these candidates who grown elder are bounded to live a bachelor or single life. I fail to understand the case of those candidates who are well established in their life, financially secure and has good family background but still don't get their partner. Some of the reasons behind the above which flows through my mind are as follows :

1.              Parents of the bride are too much ambitious now. They want more educated and financially secure groom having small family, living separately and also has own house. They want their daughter to live separately after marriage.
2.              Parents of groom wants bride who is educated, is in service-woman, calm, obedient and hard-working able to bear the responsibilities of joint family. Also they want that bride parents may do the marriage in luxurious way and give lots of wealth as a gift to them.
3.              Another reason is that cases of divorce are increasing in society and parents take too much extra care in making match to save their ward and family from divorce situation.
4.              Today life is too much busy and nobody gets extra time and energy for their family which increases tension between family members so the bride parents tries to search for a groom who can share housework responsibilities with their daughter.