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Reservation is creating division in society, it is a tool for politically aspirants person to implement the British policy of DIVIDE AND RULE. Just think about the merit holder students/candidates who are from upper caste but their financial condition is weak and they are not able to get admission/job despite their hard work due to above mentioned VOTE BANK game of political peoples. Political leaders are damaging the future of country only for their own self benefit. Did any question is asked by any leader of any political party in Parliament / Vidhan Sabha / Rajya Sabha that why India has a Brain-Drain problem. 
Here I would like to mention one real incident of an educational institute where a teachers asked his merit holder batch students that they should become IAS / IPS / Government Officer and serve the country with their talent instead of flying abroad and answer of a student is as follows :
“Sir, I am not a fool, why I will work under the command of illiterate and corrupt lea…

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Ganga River, a holy river of India. It is the lifeline of lakhs peoples of our country. Mny cities are established on its bank like Haridwar, Allahabad, Varansi (Banaras) etc. A large part of peoples living in these cities depend on River Ganga for their livelihood but as the development activities increased peoples start neglecting cleaning and recycling activities and dump waste in the Holy River. The Ganga also known as mother river for hindu’s in last few decades is dying. Government planned to clean Ganga but like other government project it also fails although a big amoung of taxpayers money wasted. Our new Prime Minister Mr. Narender Modi since the start of his election campaign discussing about the cleaning of River Ganga and even two-three times lead the activity by himself on the ghat’s of Ganga. In budget 2037 crores rupees are planned to be spent for cleaning river Ganga and the project name is Namami Ganga. Responsibility of the work is given to Minister Smt. Uma Bharti …


Every Year all over the world lakhs of tree plantations are done and many programmes / functions / seminars and other activities carried out by Government and Non Government organisations to spread awareness about environment and increase plantation. The important questions is how many trees / plants survive out of total plantations and what are the reasons behind the non - survival. One of the important reason is total negligence of their after take care or in simple words just plant a tree and forget it. It seems that tree plantations programme is organised only for the purpose of pump and how. Just have some photographs while planting a tree, circulate it in media, gain some popularity BUT NO ARRANGEMENT FOR TAKE CARE OF THE PLANTATION DONE. It is not important to do so many tasks with half heart but do one task with full energy and complete it. In other words instead of spending thousand crores on plantations a part of above funds may be kept and spent on take care of trees plant…

Success and Failures

Their is a unspoken rule in the human society about Success and Failure that everyone is standing with successful person praises you and trying to be a part of your success trying to describe, present and prove his/her contribution in part of success of the successful person. This is applicable to everybody including me and you. But when anybody fails no one stands with him, it may be possible that some who is standing with you in tough time/failure may be because of his/her limitations which may be social or emotional. Some near one's may console the failure on his doing and advise him/her to correct his style of working, procedures and completely change himself/herself. When success happens you are RIGHT and TRUE (TRUTH) but when you fails you are WRONG and FALSE(LIAR).
Is the above mentioned rule is a part of human culture got developed and moulded or taken on the wrong path or just has a wrong start?
Sometimes the way of treatment for failures is not the common or generalise…

आवाज़-The Voice: सत्यनारायण भगवान और मैं :-)


Trees are important part of our environment, culture and for our life. In our country India we offer prayers to many trees like banayan, pipal etc. but in past few decades due to effect of western culture we not only stopped offering prayers but the focus of society for plantation program is on trees which grows faster and have been brought to India from western culture. For banayan, pipal, neem and other Indian trees are not only best for long time as they give too much to us in the form of life, shadow, coolness, etc. Neem is the best antibiotic tree commonly available in neighborhood when we are child. Pipal is a common tree found in every temple and people offer water it regularly. Nimboli of neem and barbantas of banayan are still alive in my memories. Here I request the Indian government to save Indian culture government must start planting these trees in government schools, colleges and other plantation programmes. So many initiatives to save environment is being taken and plan…