1. What is Reservation? What is the objective of Reservation.

I think reservation is a idea for bringing forward the peoples of different communities who are poor, weak or uneducated due to loopholes in social structure.

In current context the able, educated and strong communities in India demanding reservation totally defeated the objectives and basic idea of reservation. It is a political game of vote bank for leaders and way of getting rich and moving ahead of others for many peoples. Now Reservation is generating divide between the society. It seems that leaders are repeating the history like British government using DIVIDE AND RULE POLICY.

Recently in Haryana agitation had been hijacked by anti social elements and big financial and economical losses happened on above that so many human lives gone which is a irreparable loss. Even now a big distance came between the hearts of all communities.

The motive, objective and definition needs to be redefined in current circumstances. It must be given on the basis of merit and financial position of applicant as the peoples who are previously poor and uneducated are now properly settled and financially sound so to implement the concept of equality among all it must be provided to the needy according to his/her talent and financial background.

I am not against reservation but my belief is that the constitution makers aim is to give equal status to all Indians which must be completed by leaders of today.

Even Gandhiji aim is to bring EQUALITY among all NOT THE DIVISION IN SOCIETY.