Morning walk is a very healthy exercise as it gives us fresh air. Walking increase oxygen levels in blood and all joints of body gets movement.  Also we meet many peoples and exchanges wishes with them which keep our mind and heart happy. So many people’s regularly goes for morning walk and among them mostly retired senior citizens.  Few of the service class peoples also goes for morning walk but think about the lower class/labour class who wake up early in morning and cook his food and then moves to duty. Also think about a daily passenger who has to catch his bus/train in morning and reach his/her workplace after 2-4 hrs. journey and return home in night and he/she will be late off-course. When will he get time to walk? Now take a case of some peoples who woke up at 3.00 a.m and move to vegetable market and after hard working of 8 hrs. kWhen these of person will go for morning walk?

Basically on people with enough money can only enjoy the life and live for long time while peoples who are hard physical workers or poor people’s generally had small span of life and passes away early. PLEASE SUGGEST SOME VIEWS AND IDEAS WHICH CAN IMPROVE THE LIFE-STANDARD OF ABOVE CATEGORY OF PEOPLES.