CMRS seeks more info, Badarpur Metro line delayed - The Times of India

The start of Sarita Vihar to Badarpur Metro line is delayed according to news appeared in TimesofIndia website because Commissioner of Metro Rail Safety has asked some technical details from DMRC after inspecting the section. This section covers three stations namely Mohan Estate , Tughlaqabad and Badarpur. While the line from Central Secretariat to Sarita Vihar started on 3rd October, 2010 for CommonWealth Games Opening Ceremony but from Sarita Vihar to Badarpur Route is not started due to delay and accident at Zamrudpur.
At the time of opening Sarita vihar to Central Secretariat line it is said that Sarita Vihar to Badarpur line will start before Diwali but still is not started, it raises a question that how the CMRS cleared the Sarita Vihar  to Central Secretariat line in just two days and now cleared the rest of section even after 3 days. It shows that compromise has been done during the inspection of Central Secretariat to Sarita Vihar line and nobody knows what loopholes left in the civil construction. All has been done to meet the deadlines of CommonWealth.
No doubt that DMRC has executed the Phase-I in a good way with very good quality construction and in phase - II it used some new techniques and latest international technology. Also DMRC is world class organisation but in phase-II some compromise has been made to meet the CommonWealth Games Deadline.
I hope that any loopholes which are compromised previously to save the pride of Nation in view of CommonWealth Games will be reviewed and corrected by Delhi Metro.
It is really a hurricane task to execute and manage the Metro Rail project but Mr. E Sreedharan has really become an example in front of whole world that what talent Indian peoples have.
I wish Mr. E Sreedharan Best of luck.
CMRS seeks more info, Badarpur Metro line delayed - The Times of India