Saturday, August 30, 2008

Salary Problem

When anyone is under stress and feel frustrated what he/she is supposed to do? When he/she is working hard handling multiple jobs without any support system and not getting proper reimbursement for his/her services. Every time whenever boss seems some problem he assigns that job to that particular person and that men completes it but Boss do not say a word of appreciation and don’t make a comment about his/her salary. Any job which has to complete on urgent basis is given to that person and he/she completes it but appraisal is done for others. He/She think about a change but due to educational limitations he stops down. What step should be taken to make his career better. Should he/she start some business?

Please suggest the some ways.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Office Politics

It is said that you should work hard with enthusiasm for your company but when you are interested and working with full enthusiasm to complete the work of organization by spending extra hard work, extra time and sacrificing your family time and face environmental politics of office that leads to frustration. Even after sanction of resources sometimes your colleagues create blockage for you and that is the worst situation. If any employee needs to complete the task he needs resources / manpower for the same. Generally it happens that resources are not available at time and effort’s goes waste in arrangement of resources/manpower. Many times resources are not according to the environment or according to the level of modern living. When employee is pushed to work under the circumstances / standards of past era the output / result are not very good, as it is something swimming against the flow of water which decreases the output.

Please mention how to save your time and efforts from arrangement of resources and save yourself from office politics.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Various trade unions, employees unions have called for a nationwide strike (India) on 20th August, 2008 against anomalies in sixth pay commission, wrong economic & labour policies and inflation. Banking, Railways, Aviation, Insurance and various other sectors will likely to be remained close. Strike is supported by Left Parties, All India Trade Union Congress (AITUC) and Centre for Industrial Trade Union (CITU), Airport Authority Employees' Union (AAEU), Central Public Sector Trade Unions (CPSTU) and other 40 employees' federations are also supporting the strike.

Due to strike many flights had been already cancelled because approx. 22000 employees of Airports Authority of India are on strike.

Bank employees are protesting against the new economic policies of mergers, which have led to job cuts. Lower level government staff had also supported strike because of partial reimbursement in 6th pay commission.

Train services may be also stropped as farmers are also protesting against wrong government policies.

But will this strike solve any issue and what will happen with the private sector employees who are not getting proper reimbursement for their services and suffer because of loopholes in system.

Please provide some solid mechanism to support middle & lower level families of country as they are already facing problem for their regular needs because of sky rocketing inflation. Middle Class Service families are under tremendous pressure and facing problem of survival and you can not imagine the position of poor class.

Our politicians only make comments through media and press but real work is zero.

Express your points to help the society.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Amarnath Land Issue

From last two months Jammu & Kashmir have seen too much protest over the issue of Allocating land to Shri Amarnath Shrine Board (SASB). In starting the protest was against the land allocation and the government taken it back from the Shrine Board but now the supporters for board protesting and doing strikes/chakka jam all over the country.

This one issue had destroyed all the hard work and sacrifice of thousands of soldiers who worked for many years to restore peace in the valley. All the political parties are working on the concept of vote bank but no one is thinking that how it will affect the communal harmony of the country and have a very big impact on morale of security forces.

We all knows that Pakistan is continuously working on Kashmir issue and the matter is still not resolved in International Arena but even knowing this fact Indian politician are now taking initiative to calm the state.

Please express your views on the same.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Blogger Services

First thing i noted on blogger services ( today that i have seen pictures of three new cute babies on my dashboard, but the middle one just looks like my son. i really likes it and think for a movement that small babies really attracts everyone on first sight.

On last friday my blog had been marked as spam and i immediately followed the precautionary steps suggested. It has been mentioned that if my blog is real one (not a spam) it will be restored in two business days and i was thinking that due to saturday and sunday my blog will be restored only after tuesday but blogger team had worked hard and restored it on monday.

Great Job!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Employee V/s Employer

All over the world every organization arranges lectures, seminars, books, etc. for better output of manpower but nowhere, you will found any book, material, seminar how to keep happy your employees. How to better reimburse the staff, how to provide better health service to them, how to provide better accommodation, how to better arrange things for their family and so many how to ?

Some IT companies are now a days looking after these things but what about other sector companies. Many of the rising sectors like real estate, education and telecommunication are still not taking initiatives for betterment of their staff.

Express your views over it.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Local information on Google

Whenever we want to search for any information on internet the first view that flashes through our mind is google. The most popular search engine. In the starting of google it was only a site providing search facility to the users but today it is providing free facilities like gmail, google groups, google news, google calendar, google reader, google documents, google earth, google maps, google blogs (, image search, google videos, google knol, etc. The list is endless. many other sites are also providing the many of the above mentioned features or something like that but google is leader because of quality of its services and obviously the speed.

Sometimes you are not able to find appropriate information about neighbourhood market by visiting their but google shows many good results when you search. Here the point is that google still needs to do so much of work about providing local information to anyone. If you want to have the phone number and email of your nearest drycleaner or wants to know the phone number grocery shop you will feel helpless not only google but almost everywhere on net especially in cities of India.

I am living in Faridabad and if I want to search for some printer, book shop, Video shop, internet café etc. No site will be able to provide me right content. Either I have to talk to my neighbors/friends or go to the market and inquire about it.

Although google is giving much information about US cities but here in India google has not reached upto that level means in small cities. It is not able to provide help to students, housewives for their daily routine needs.

I think some research/initiative if taken about it will save lot of time of individual which can be used for more betterment of society.

Please send me your views on same.