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India Result in Rio Olympic

In 2016 Rio Olympics India has great hopes for medals and I am personally thinking that this time all records will be broken and many number of medals will be won by our nation but all the hopes failed. It is a setback for me and every Indian. Our hearts are filled with sorrows but why the 125 crores of Indians not able to get even single gold medal while some players from small nations have won more than one gold for their countries. After 70 years of independence in each olympic our players have not performed upto the expectations.

The reason behind this need to be analysed, observed and corrective measures must be taken. I feel that partiality in selection, corruption, lack of infrastructure and motivation, non availability of nutrition and other  facilities are some major points which needs to be improved.

The important point is that if some small child see the dream of become a winner in OLYMPICS then he must have strong financial background it will be impossible for him to reach national and international level if he/she is from middle/poor income family. The partiality , wrong decisions taken on ground at starting level reject the right talent and this small loophole later on becomes a setback for country.

Although now government has started giving good honour to winners but still the system needs to be changed completely as poor have no money to invest and only financially sound families children will try to aim for sports.

Indian Hockey Team

Indian Men's Hockey team do the strike and did not attended the National Camp and Indian Women's Hockey team also weared black bandage on their arms during practice at camps and the both the activities are highlighted by Media Channels and team gets funds from various sources including politicians/corporate sector etc but my view is that it is just a chance for the funding agencies to make themselves popular.

Now does anybody inquiring about the status of hockey team and what our players got out of the total funds promised and utilization of funds are properly done or not because I think the big chunk of it has been eaten by mediators.

Our National Game is is dying due to politics/corruption/wrong policies, kindly come forward to save it and present your views how to save it and remove corruption / politics from Hockey Federation.