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Pilibhit Drama

The comments by Varun Gandhi in a public election meeting invoked NSA ( National Security Act) against him. Now he is behind bars at Etah Jail in Uttar Pradesh.If we see teh scenario from starting it raises so many questions in my mind which are as follows :-

- First One is that District Administration acting on behalf of the central powers who might want to play a similar game as happened in Royal family of Nepal few years ago means to damage/end the carrier of Varun Gandhi.

- Secondly does history is repeating itself, as in the case of Mr. Sanjay Gandhi S/o Late Shri Indira Gandhi, Ex-Prime Minister of India, When Sanjay Gandhi publicly stands against the wrong policies & decision (according to him).

- It may be also possible that by highlight the issue BJP wants to attract more and more Hindu votes in view of its failures in construction of Ram Temple at Ayodhya.

-May be media is highlight the issue more than required and taking this oppourunity for increasing their popularity and revenues

- BJP is trying to re-draw the Mr. Narendra Modi Victory in Gujarat in last election due to hard hindutva face of Mr. Modi.

- Mr. Varun & Mrs. Maneka Gandhi trying to implement the thinking of this father Late Shri Sanjay Gandhi who died in a accident due to unknown reasons.

- Madam Mayawati, BSP Leader may wants to take election benefit (making alliance with congress/shifting other castes vote banks in his favour) by posing herself as a strict administrator in front of Janta(Common men)



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