Reservation Policy

Reservation is a big issue in India. What is the basic objective of reservation, why necessity of reservation arises. I am strongly against current reservation policy. Generally many peoples who are talented do not get proper opportunity to go ahead and someone with less talent goes ahead. Reservation must be given only to those peoples who do not have proper infrastructure & financial incapable to use their talent for betterment of society. Some big officers who are from reservation quota are are able to arrange good facilities for their wards but still they get reservation which is really injustice to the talented and needy peoples.

Reservation must be given to poor and talented peoples, It should not be on the basis of caste & religion. Caste and religion divides the society which leads to tension between different communities and we know about the communal riots in India in last 2-3 decades.

To fight against the reservation Medical students stand and started their protest but no political party came in support of them and neither any NGO, individuals, students from other streams came to support them.

The main point is absence of political support to these protesting students which clearly present the aims & objective of political parties. All political leaders and parties are just fighting to gain power, acquire money for themselves. They don't think about society and nation as claimed by them and they draw their manifesto to gain more and more votes.

I think current reservation policy must be stopped immediately and a national reservation policy must be drawn on the observation given by representatives from every section of society. I think we must invite some international experts for the same who do not belongs to India.

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