Political Corruption

We all want clean image, honest political leaders who can lead our country but as you know it is very hard because honest and clean peoples do not have the money for campaign and to distribute money to voters. Now a days voters make a team on the basis of their caste, community, religion etc. and put demands in front of candidates. Only those candidates who have the big chunk of money (money which earned through wrong means) with them can fulfill the wishes of these types of voters and later after getting victory these candidates work to get back their money which is paid by all voters(common man) in form of taxes. The money required for campaigning in a lok sabha constituency is minimal one crore although as per election commission norms it is only few lakhs rupees. If a candidate puts one crore rupees in election and also provide his time then after victory he will aim is to recover this one crore rupees plus the cost of time which is invested. Lets take another example when someone have worked for a candidate during his campaign, he is called worker, the worker may be giving his time or his time & money or time, money, contacts etc. After victory of candidate he ask the candidate to give him his part of slice by putting his men on government jobs or giving admission to his known in educational institutes or favour him awarding government tenders/contracts and the leader due to under obligation have to fulfil this thing and also to recover his own invested money. So the big questions is who is behind the corruption in politics.


I request all the voters to do voting without any greed and favour. Give your vote to the candidate who is clean and honest. Please don't vote on the basis of caste/religion it will lead to division in society.


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