Starting Business

Right now whole world is going through the recession. Economies of Developed countries like America are under tremendous pressure and growth rate of economy of India is also less than the previous year. Moreover everyday news about job cuts and fall down of big companies rocks everyone. Before the start of recession, I mean two-three months back one of my best friend is planning to resign from his private job and starting his own business but now he come to know that financial projections developed by him have totally changed due to increase/decrease in prices of raw material/finished product. He is under fear that whether he will successful or not in new business or should he wait for sometime to start his business or he should go aggressively ahead and take benefits of market recession.

I have advised him to wait till the completion of central government election due in next year and analyze the situation after that as US New President will also stabilize in his Office and steps taken by government of every country will also show their results.


Dear Friends what would you suggest him.

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