Taare Zameen Par

Taare Zameen Par a Hindi movie produced & directed by Aamir Khan. After watching the movie I can say that it is another nice movie produced for a social problem. A totally different kind of movie focusing on the problem of studying child who faces competition in today’s stressed world. Aamir Khan had presented a source of guidance for parents who wants their ward to become only doctor & engineer of tomorrow. A different approach for teachers is also presented in a very nice way. Movie shows that each and “Every Child is Special” and have his own kind of talent. It may be possible that a child who is not good in studies may be excellent in sports, arts, dance or some other extra activity. Aamir had played a role of teacher named Ram Shankar Nikumbh who solves a problem of 8-year old students named Ishaan Awasthi (role played by Darsheel Safary). Picture shows how a teacher can help a student to overcome the problems. A hidden fact of family love is also present as parent regularly comes to meet their ward in hostel even knowing that his academic performance is very bad. The other positive part of the movie is that there is no glamour, romance or unethical scene are their and you can watch the movie with your family.

Best of luck to Aamir Khan, Darsheel Safary and whole team of Taare Zameen Par who have work hard for this nice movie.

I hope Bollywood will produce more good movies like Taare Zammen Par.