India and Pakistan

India and Pakistan two neighboring country had fought three wars with each other. Both countries are engaged in acquiring, developing of new aircrafts, tanks, missiles, nuclear bombs etc. India conducted its first nuclear test in Pokhran, Rajasthan on May 24, 1974. After 23 years again India conducted three nuclear test on 11 May 1998 followed by two more test on 13 May 1998. In response to India’s nuclear test Pakistan also developed nuclear bomb and carried out five nuclear test on 28 May 1998 in Chagai Hills, Balochistan. India and Pakistan had also developed various types of short, medium and long range missiles to carry nuclear warhead. Missiles with these neighbouring countries are as follows :

Indian Missiles

Pakistani Missiles


Hatf-I/IA (BRBM)


Abdali (SRBM)


Ghaznavi (SRBM)


Shaheen-I (MRBM)


Ghauri-I (MRBM)


Ghauri-II (MRBM)

BrahMos/ PJ-10

Shaheen-II (IRBM)


Babur (Cruise Missile)


Ra'ad (Cruise Missile)


Ghauri-III (IRBM)


Shaheen-III (IRBM)

M-11 (SRBM)

Indian Missiles

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Pakistani Missiles

clip_image004 clip_image005 clip_image007

The development of arms, weapons in India done by Defence Research Development & Organization (DRDO) and Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission (PAEC), Directorate of Technical Development (DTD) carries out this responsibility for Pakistan.

Recent development between India and USA for nuclear co-operation had developed another new twist in the scenario.

The development of missiles and nuclear bomb by these countries had generated arms race in South Asia. But in recent years India and Pakistan have initiated and developed peaceful relation with each other and started Samjahuta Express (train service), bus service and trading.

I am personally interested that India and Pakistan should become one following the path taken by Germany so that they can make history again. Both the countries have great potentials to become economically, politically, defense power in world.

Moreover before 1947 before independence, they are one.