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Loksabha Election Result

On May 16, 2009 counting of votes happened all over India and many key candidates have lost the race while many of them was able to retain heir victory and many new candidates emerged. The two surprising facts which forced me to think that is counting system foolproof or their are some chances of manipulation. What are the loopholes in the counting process. The first incident is that every news channel informed that Ex-Home Minister Mr. P.C Chidambaram have lost from Shivganga constituency as well as Mrs. Maneka Gandhi also lost but later on recounting reports flashed for shivganga and Mr. P.C Chidambaram declared won and Madam Maneka also declared won. BIG SURPRISE, is the officers on duty did not taken proper care before declaring results or the some thing has happened under the table. On many seats while some candidate in starting is trailing later on got the victory while the leading candidate have to face the defeat. Like at Bhiwani Mahendargarh seat in starting Mr. Ajay Chautala…