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Hindu Organisations

Since last few fortnights their is too much coming in print and electronic media for ban on Bajrang Dal and Vishwa Hindu Parishad due to violence in Orissa and Karnataka. But due to political compulsion Prime Minister and his cabinet is not able to take any decision regarding the same. An interesting fact I would like to mention that website of Bajrang Dal and Vishwa Hindu Parishad is not accessible, the reason behind it is not known to me.

I am a Hindu and believes in Vasudeva Kutumb Policy, if these organisations are trying to stop religion conversion than they should work in positive way by checking the reason behind the will which comes into mind of any individual/family. They may be facing poverty problem, exploitation from senior caste peoples or many other issues. Bajrang Dal and VHP should try to fight against these issues/reason so that their will be no religious conversion. If any religion conversion happens forcefully they must notify law & order agencies, government and media as well. But do not take laws in your hand and stop killing innocent peoples. I think media should also come forward to check the incidence of forceful & financial religious conversion incidents and bring the truth in front of nation.

I request all peoples to come forward to stop fighting in the name of religion. We all should respect religion of each other and must try to protect our religion by addressing/working for the reason behind the frustration of peoples who are interested to change their religion due to exploitation/financial problem/social problems.

I have no intention to hurt the sentiment of anyone, if you found anything wrong in above article please inform me.