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Black money comes mainly from India: Julian Assange, Wikileaks - The Economic Times

Black money comes mainly from India: Julian Assange, Wikileaks - The Economic Times

As per the reports in Media about statement of Mr. Julian Assange, Wikileaks Indian has much more black money in Swiss Bank than others. The amount of black money in foreign banks are increasing regularly and causing heavy loss of tax to the government. This money if remains inside India will give benefit to peoples in one or other form. Indian government on its parts is not taking any major aggressive steps to bring back the black money and brought names of swiss bank account holders. It is a common fact that this black money belongs to Corrupt Politicians, Bureaucrats, Big Businessman, Celebrities etc.

So is government under the pressure of these people or handicap because they are part of government and using their malign practice and tactics they blocked every step which goes in this direction of recovery of black money.

If this black money is brought back into country will lead to development of c…

Black Money In Swiss Accounts

Since the issue of black money in Swiss Bank accounts is raised everyone is talking & discussing it, even a appeal is filed in Supreme Court about the same and media also highlighting the same but as a general common man we all knows that still for any work to be completed we have to pass the various stage of a parallel system or may be bigger than then original system by paying bribe. Even in case of complain against bribe / corruption you will be not sure whether the culprit will get punishment and your work will be complete without any hassles. May be the whole team have a negative attitude against you. A possibility also exist that the complaint of corruption may backfire on yourself.Generally in case of corruption the said culprits gets themselves free by paying the commission to the concerned persons / inquiry personals (again corruption). Sometime case goes so much long that the culprit finishes his term by then and the other way is to stop the movement of file and hide in …