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Everyone in train, office, tea-shop, news channels, newspaper seen talking about Indian Premier League (IPL) cricket now a days. The discussions of each ball and every match is going. Various teams like Kings XI Punjab, Chennai Super Kings,Deccan Chargers, Kolkata Knight Riders, Bangalore Royal Challengers, Mumbai Indians, Rajasthan Royals have mix set of international and local players. All of these players are earning excellently. IPL event / matches are much much more than a sporting activity. Actually sports is only a part of IPL Event. I just want to say that bringing of too much glamor to Cricket will damage the sportsman spirit and kill the objective of playing sports.If we look at the history of cricket then you see then in starting test matches are played and then the concept of one day started with 60 over and reduced to 50 overs and now T-20 matches shows the cricket is synchronizing and may lost is importance in coming decades. I am saying this because sun rises in the mo…