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Few days back there is news in media and newspaper that one of MAX HOSPITAL in Delhi WRONGLY DECLARED A LIVE BABY DEAD. A BIG FAILURE, NOT A FAILURE BUT A CRIME. For this crime guilty must be punished with strictest punishment as per legal norms and hospital control and management should be transferred to Government with immediate effect. The guilty Doctor and medical staff license must be cancelled immediately and a legal case must be initiated against them for their negligence and commercialization.
The second case is of FORTIS hospital where a child undergoing treatment of dengue died and hospital handed over a bill of Rs.17-18 lakhs to victim’s family. Hospital used 2700 globes and 660 syringes as per the news reported.  Even Hon’ble Court raised question over this type of treatment.
In another incident Medanta hospital also charges Rs.17 lakh (Approx.) a 7 years old patient for 22 days. The child died after being discharged due to lack of funds. There are so many other unreporte…