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Crowd Management in Indian Temples

We generally take the news of deaths due to bomb blasts, terrorist attack very seriously and media, politicians & leaders, common men, everyone discuss and speaks about it but we never thinks and seriously investigate the issue of stampede/mismanagement of crowd at famous / big temples of India. Administration, Law & Order Agencies rarely take interest to deeply search the reasons behind killing / injuries due to large rush in temples. None of the temple management committees takes steps before the important fair/festivals/events for management of crowd. Recently more than 200 persons killed in Chamunda temple at Jodhpur, Rajasthan due to lack of arrangements. Most of the victims are young age persons.


Although temples receive huge funds from devotees in form of donations but the funds are rarely used for development of system in temples. Here it is important to mention that Shri Triupati Balaji temple and Vaishno Devi temple have good system because of of right use of funds.


Funds earned in the form of donation generally goes into pockets of individuals which ultimately affects the devotion of visitors and reduce the religious faith of anyone so I think all the big temples authorities must be controlled by a national temples management board consisting of government nominees, religious leaders, local authority representatives. Authority must be given to local authority but must be managed by National Temple Board.


Extra funds received must be used for the welfare of society.