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Today the result of Karnataka elections are going on and it seems that BJP will win the majority and make government. All over the country everyone is talking about the Mr. Modi and saying it is the result of “Modi Lahar” and election management of Mr. Amit Shah is also being praised. He is also being called Chankaya. Yes definitely the country has seen a major change in corridors of powers in last 4 years at different levels. Now again the new discussion will start about the 2019 target and obviously all say that BJP will win 2019 General Elections because the current picture seems like that but no one knows the future as future is always unpredictable. I say BEST OF LUCK TO BJP FOR 2019 ELECTIONS but they should not forgot the FEEL GOOD STORY happened in the regime of Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee (it is a cautious wake up message for BJP). If we look from the angle of management it is easy to manage and control the activities of small area (STATE ELECTIONS) in comparison to large area …

Hillary Clinton V/s Barack Obama

Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama both are fighting the election for becoming Next USA President. They are two major players for this election. If Hillary Clinton wins she will be the First Women President of USA. A close fight is going between these two. I am just thinking that how the selection of new president will affect India and USA (America) relations. Although USA economy is feeling heat of slow down while Indian economy is emerging one and here it worth mentioning that America is not in dictating position like in last decade while on the other side Indian Government is also not able to finalise the nuclear deal (123 deal) with US due to its own constraints and the scenario for India will definitely different after Presidency election in America.

But I am sure that both countries will go long way for betterment and development of this World.

Let's wait and watch.