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Mobile Connection

Two years back i opted for a new mobile/cellphone connection from one of the reputed company under two years advance rental plan. After two years and 10 days they sent a letter to me that your plan has expired and  please select new plan as I was not interested to continue with this number/telephone service provider i requested them to disconnect this number but they said I need to pay two bills as per new plan allocated to me without my wish otherwise the number/services would be not terminated. In short it is forced on me to pay extra without any usage. I want to say that government should make a policy that these private telephone companies do not exploit the customers through their wrong means and ways. Companies should inform the customer in 15 days advance about expiry of last date and only after that they should ask for payments.Please suggest me whether i should pay the amount or not. Can I take some legal action against company for this mental / financial harassment. Can RTI …