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Government to table nuclear bill amid fierce opposition- Hindustan Times

As per news on Hindustan Times News website government is going to present nuclear bill in parliament today which gives benefits to nuclear equipment / material suppliers in case of any accident. Simply in case of any Bhopal Gas Tragedy like accident the equipment / material supplier will only have limited amount of liability and civilians / law of land will not be able to penalize the supplier crossing that limit and may be bill also says that it will not be a criminal offence. The bill is commitment made in 123 civil nuclear agreement with USA. Ultimately in case of any problem civilians will be not able to get any compensation and in view of political interest at last the compensation will be paid from the Government of India pocket means complete loss to the nation and whole profit to the suppliers.

If this bill is a requirement of 123 civil nuclear agreement with USA then i will say the interest of nation is not protected in 123 civil nuclear agreement and US negotiators has sur…