Since last 15 days I am searching on various online sites to purchase sandals for coming season of summers, after looking at various scheme and offers on different sites like cash back, discount etc. and feedback I felt that the online sandals will be different than the shown on website and not up to the mark. I also inquired the rates from some retail local vendors and found that still in the age of internet my local retail vendor is offering fewer prices than online. If the local vendor is wholesaler than the price gap will be more. In offline purchase i can see, touch and check the product physically while online it is not possible.

Also I am very much sure that I can complain / return / replace back the product immediately for any defects.

In my case of sandals the online prices are approximately 10% more than ground purchase.

I also felt same about clothes purchase online.

At last purchase my sandals at local vendor.

Although about electronics the online websites offer cheaper options than ground purchase as I purchase laptop last year and a mobile this year.

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