Every day we listen, see and discuss about problem of transportation in our day to day life. We shows our concern through Facebook, twitter, whatsup etc. Many types of buses, auto-rickshaws, are available for commuting from one place to other. Technology is providing a big help to provides us new cost effective, cheap and comfortable alternatives in this direction. 

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Electric vehicle is a step in this direction which not only reduces pollution but provides a cost effective way of transportation. The e-rickshaw is a cost effective way of transportation. The e-rickshaw or commonly known as battery rickshaw is playing a important role in it. The r rickshaw cost is approximately Rs.1,00,000/-(Rupees One Lac Only) depending upon its features, size, etc.   Recently Government of India only kept 12% GST on electric vehicles in comparison to other fuel operated vehicles.  It is a cheap way of transportation for common peoples and comfortable in comparison to old paddle operated rickshaw for drivers as it does not require human energy to run it. Also it provides a way of living for illiterate peoples. E-rickshaw is safer in comparison to other automobiles as their speed is less and light in weight than others. Their maintenance is very little as very few mechanical parts are there in it and it runs on batteries instead of fuel. I would like to mention here that battery rickshaw cannot be used for long distance travel as it needs to be charged at prescribed limits. Also the speed of these rickshaws is only 30-40 KMPH. Despite its plus and minus these are becoming popular in many cities of the country.